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What rules do you have when paying for a babysitter?

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chosenone Tue 02-Jun-09 21:07:08

new to this as have only left DC with family but its my dads 60th birthday party and everyones going! I've approached the nursery nurses at DC nursery. My DD (nearly 2) key worker has offered. I also have DS nearly 4 who knows her too. She's early twenties and very good with the little ones and obviously fully qualified.

She said she'd do it for nothing but I offered £5 per hour, and money for take away. She did say her boyfriend would pick her up so i said he could sit with her and keep her company.

Now Im worrying we don't know him at all! DH says what if he's an idiot and does something stupid! I then panicked and thought what if he's a peadophile! very unlikely but has happened? I would set clear rules like no one else in house, quietly check on lil ones and if he smokes to go into garden, plus we're only 10 mins down the road if they need us. Any advise? should I now say no to boyfriend?

OonaghBhuna Tue 02-Jun-09 22:06:07

For me I would not have anyone that I had not met before looking after my children.Although the responsibility is with your babysitter the boyfriend is obviously going to be there. You know nothing about him and you have never met him.
I would say no to any "guests" in the house and therefore pay her the going rate.

cat64 Tue 02-Jun-09 22:11:53

Message withdrawn

frogthistle Wed 03-Jun-09 19:24:05

I have a 'no extras' & absolutely no smoking rules. I also swap mobile numbers as well as checking the house phone etc. I leave mine with the qualified nursery carers (V expensive in SE, I have to pay £9 per hour!) but also with a friend's teenagers (£7 per hour still), who have first aid training & are very sensible. They also have their mum on the end of the phone if they have a problem.

I normally provide food if it's an evening do. Pizza & salad, coke, tea, a nice cake etc.

Definitely no boyfriends though.

Although at the prices I have to pay, I don't go out much!

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