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Very upset about fostering decision

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misschatterbox Mon 01-Jun-09 21:11:11

My dh and I have been going through the assessment carried out for the respite fostering. Basically you look after children for a day, an overnight stay or for a tea visit, these children have special needs. All was going well until my GP wrote that I was put on Citalopram due to the stress of looking after 2 children. I went to see him about PND, and he told me he couldn't do anything for someone like me, so I went to another GP in the practice and she prescibed them for me. I have stopped taking them and am back to my old self. I feel as though I have been labelled as incapabable of looking after children, for simply having what I thought was a normal post birth illness. Yes I was weepy and short tempered, but in no way ever cruel to my children.
They have said that I can continue with the process in a year, but I can't help thinking that social services are so quick to judge someone for having PND in the past, it is pity that they weren't so quick to jump in there to protect the likes of baby P.
Sort about the rant, I just feel so sad, every time I think about I end up it tears.

lou031205 Mon 01-Jun-09 21:18:05

Sorry to hear of the decision. Could you volunteer with Homestart in the meantime - demonstrate your ability? DD1 (I have 3 dds) has SN & our homestart volunteer is invaluable to us.

LucyTownsend Mon 01-Jun-09 21:23:16

I would be fuming that the GP who wouldn't proscribe the medication has written anything on your forms.

Go back to the other GP and get her to write a letter confirming what you were on the meds for, how long and her opinion of your condition now.

Hopefully that may be enough to change their minds?

misschatterbox Tue 02-Jun-09 07:33:49

Thanks for the advice.
They said that the rest of the assessment was fine, it was purely due to the PND. I'll think about volunteering with Homestart.

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