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how often do you worm toddlers?

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apostrophe Fri 29-May-09 21:26:32

Message withdrawn

littleducks Fri 29-May-09 21:27:48


DeathbyDora Fri 29-May-09 21:29:04

How do you know if they have threadworms? Haven't come up against that one yet!?

TrinityRhino Fri 29-May-09 21:37:02

I've never known of any kids having threadworm
how would one know?

apostrophe Fri 29-May-09 21:38:21

Message withdrawn

Claire2009 Fri 29-May-09 21:39:08

Never wormed Ds or dd (2.1 & 3.3yo)

apostrophe Fri 29-May-09 21:39:09

Message withdrawn

fishie Fri 29-May-09 21:39:27

why would worms affect behaviour?

trinity i believe that they can be seen in poo. will also cause irritated anus.

apostrophe Fri 29-May-09 21:40:34

Message withdrawn

Heated Fri 29-May-09 21:42:19

Oh no! I foresee lots of MNers under duvets with torches again.

ramonaquimby Fri 29-May-09 21:43:17

never - oldest is 7

haven't ever heard of any children in my circle that have had worms

cory Fri 29-May-09 21:49:20

only when I see their poo wriggling

and that was, thankfully, several years ago

Claire2009 Fri 29-May-09 21:52:55

Err, I should probably not read this while eating <<<<vomiting emotion needed>>>>

apostrophe Fri 29-May-09 21:55:38

Message withdrawn

ThePellyandMe Fri 29-May-09 22:01:32


I've never wormed the ds's. They are 6 and 4, no wriggly poo's so far.

meltedmarsbars Fri 29-May-09 22:12:12

!!! You mean you don't worm your kids !!!?!!

Threadworms are endemic in most schools, imo, very easily transmitted but not all kids get the itchy bottom thing - we worm regularly, usually termly, before seeing the gramps, who complain if they get the little blighters (worms not kids).

The worms come out of the anus at night to lay their eggs, your kids scratch their bottoms and put fingers in mouths so complete the life-cycle of the threadworm.

That reminds me, I noticed one of my dc's scratching today - better check my supply of ovex or whatever its called.

Even need to worm the dc's in nappies.

meltedmarsbars Fri 29-May-09 22:13:09

I notice parents own up to lice more readily than threadworms.

apostrophe Fri 29-May-09 22:17:22

Message withdrawn

Spidermama Fri 29-May-09 22:17:29

I'll put my hand up and admit my four have had worms many times. You can't move for them in Brighton.
Their eggs are in every sandpit, on toddler toys, library books and all over primary schools.
I still wouldn't worm regularly for the sake of it because I worry about pills and potions and their unreported side effects.

Spidermama Fri 29-May-09 22:18:11

Just as lice like clean hair, I've heard worms favour fresh arses too.

meltedmarsbars Fri 29-May-09 22:24:22


llareggub Fri 29-May-09 22:26:57

Why did I read this thread?

I'm itching now

cory Fri 29-May-09 22:31:49

I only wormed the family when necessary. Those worming tablets make me really queasy.

meltedmarsbars Fri 29-May-09 23:03:23

The worms make me feel much queasier than the medicine!!

GodzillasBumcheek Fri 29-May-09 23:09:56

Did i once read somewhere that worms can actually reduce the symptoms of asthma?

hmm Will have to google that - i think i may have imagined it!

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