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Where can I get some lovely sets of boys wall canvases?

(18 Posts)
dontdillydally Wed 27-May-09 09:11:25

to decorate my ds bedroom walls he's 4. Want something bright and colourful but not disney and tacky - thanks

stubbyfingers Wed 27-May-09 09:16:17

jojomaman bebe?

dontdillydally Wed 27-May-09 09:21:51

umm love the Elmer ones but DS doesnt just shown him!!!

timmette Wed 27-May-09 17:43:39

What about getting your boys to make them themselves or you could - my sis in law - who is no artist made some for my ds and they are lovely.

dontdillydally Wed 27-May-09 22:52:12

OMG make my own I would be useless!

Anymore suggestions please

OddHair Wed 27-May-09 22:59:19

How about this rocket canvas?

thisisyesterday Wed 27-May-09 23:04:10

have a look on aspace

ingles2 Wed 27-May-09 23:05:40

got the aspace catalogue today and they have some lovely ones. Hefty on the wallet though

ingles2 Wed 27-May-09 23:06:21

god I'm slow at this time of night grin

ingles2 Wed 27-May-09 23:08:47

OMG! they're £100!

thisisyesterday Wed 27-May-09 23:08:52

grin they are nice though aren't they?

ingles2 Wed 27-May-09 23:10:42

really nice grin
<takes catalogue to bed to drool over>

lockets Wed 27-May-09 23:11:07

Message withdrawn

Luvoneson Thu 28-May-09 12:31:10

TKMaxx is very good. You have to keep popping in there though as there is a big turnover of goods. Love that shop.

nikki1978 Sat 30-May-09 19:42:33

We have made our own for our living room and it was easy! Just buy the canvases from an art shop (the thick ones with the chunky wooden frame), find some material that you like and then staple gun the fabric in place (pulling firmly and stapling inside the frame). Only works if you have a staple gun but I think you can get them pretty cheap (ours was £7).

Squarah Sun 31-May-09 08:56:09

I got some gorgeous animal prints for my DS's room from this lady tinytoucan

I think they're reasonably priced and really lovely quality.

oopsacoconut Sun 31-May-09 09:07:57

Are these any good? Not too expensive either.

seeker Sun 31-May-09 09:26:22

What's a wall canvas?

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