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Competitive grannies anyone?

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Mirage Tue 03-May-05 06:50:55

DD is my parents only grandchild & they are so proud of her-which is lovely.A few weeks back I took my mum & my aunt,who has a grandaughter 9wks older than dd out.All the way to our destination,mum was going on about how dd could do this & say that.Auntie of course,wasn't to be beaten & tried to top mum with her GD'S achievements.I just sat there cringing.It was truely awful.

I told my sister about it & she said that I hadn't seen anything yet-just wait until it was time to potty train them both.She sketched a scenario of my mum & aunt in a room with their GD's & a potty each.The first one too get their GD to do something in a potty would have a lifetime of crowing over the other one.A kind of 'potties at dawn 'picture has crept into my head & I can't get rid of it now..

My mum also said that she didn't want to criticise or anything,but she would clean the inside of my car out for me before I have baby no2.She is very worried that the midwives won't let me bring the baby home in a car that has crumbs on the floor!

She also put slippers on dd on the hottest day of the year so far,in case she got cold feet.I think the excitement of grandchild no2's arrival is getting to her.My sister pointed out that she went a bit like this before dd came along.

Anyone else with competitive grandparents?

Earlybird Tue 03-May-05 07:41:26

Reading your note, I wondered if the two are actually competitive, or if they were simply sharing their excitement at the children's milestones. Is it possible that they are excited to exchange info with each other and "compare" because they both have grandchildren of a similar age and stages of development? If so, is it possible that they can relate to each other differently than they relate to their other acquaintances?

I know how much it helps me to come on here and "compare" dd's activities/developments with other children of a similar age. It reassures me, and I know that other mums are interested/tolerant in a way that perhaps my friends (without children) wouldn't be.

Perhaps I'm being too charitable in your situation though....

Saacsmum Tue 03-May-05 08:31:48

I dont know about competitiveness but ds' gran is kinda into pressuring him into being super intelligent...we have been given loads of books and resources on teach your child maths, teach your child to read etc...he is 7 and a half months old!!!

Tommy Tue 03-May-05 08:44:50

My Mum is gloating over her sister has she will have more grandchildren than her soon.... I'm sure they all do it

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