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How would you tell your child.

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floppsy Thu 28-Apr-05 13:31:44

My neighbour passed away saturday night and my dd's were very close to her,it was unexpected so i didn't have time to think what to say to my dd's.I told them that she'd gone to heaven as she was very sick & old.My dd1 who is 6 is very sensitive & connects death with hospitals(as everyone that has passed away has been in hospital)asked was she in hospital so i told her she was as she wanted to know were she was on sunday morning.She has been talking openly about it but at bedtimes starts asking me questions about it.Have i done the right thing.

Bugsy2 Thu 28-Apr-05 16:20:53

Sounds like it to me. Might be worth telling your dd1 that good things happen in hospital too, like babies being born & people being made better - just in case a trip there is ever necessary.
Other than that, it is good that she is talking about what happened - I would have thought.

floppsy Thu 28-Apr-05 16:53:40

I think its better for children to knw whats going on instead of hiding the facts.I do tell her that good things happen there and we've had a few trips to the hospital and she's been fine,but can't help wondering what goes on in their minds & whether or not it effects them.My dd2 is 2.5 & don't really understand,she keeps asking when is she coming back.

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