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Did you ever get the slipper at home?

(221 Posts)
austinsmam Sun 26-Apr-09 16:29:32

How times change! Was all the rage in the 70/80s, with Beano characters being whacked on a weekly basis. My OH got it at school and my mum kept a slipper just for smacking (yes, social services have been informed!). I know it was used in schools, but did anyone get it at home?

Claire2009 Sun 26-Apr-09 16:30:39

Nope, not that I remember, Born '84.

Gumbo Sun 26-Apr-09 16:35:27

Never the slipper - I got the belt! (Which I had to supply myself...hmm )

MrsMattie Sun 26-Apr-09 16:37:29

No, but my great aunt used to take off her shoe and threaten to hit us with it shock (never did). My gran used to threaten the wooden spoon when we were really bad, too (never actually used it). DH got the belt until he was well into his teens.

Times have indeed changed.

BitOfFun Sun 26-Apr-09 16:37:41

We used to get hit on the hand with a ruler on our way in to class in case we did anything wrong, honestly!

Comewhinewithme Sun 26-Apr-09 16:39:54

My Mum used to throw her scholl's at us hmm.

If we moaned when she was brushing our hair she would whack us on the head with it !

BitOfFun Sun 26-Apr-09 16:42:24

Oh I've done that one with the hairbrush grin

HecatesTwopenceworth Sun 26-Apr-09 16:44:57

Nope. Hand mostly. My mother didn't hit as part of a reasoned plan of discipline (not that I would agree with that anyway!!) but rather she lashed out in temper, so I had a whack across the face a few times, but mostly she lashed out at legs and bum. And it was lashing out - it was temper.

Dad once decided that the way to 'cure' me of a phase I was going through of telling lies, was to hit me several times with his belt. Nice.

But I don't think they hit us (me and sister) anywhere near as often as most of our friends got it from their parents! Might not have been often though, but it was certainly remembered!

However, it is 100% the reason why I will NEVER use violence as a form of discipline with my kids. I used to flinch if my dad made a sudden movement near me. And I was scared of both of them. In fact, my anxiousness around my mother continued until very recently!! I would hate my kids to flinch from me, or to be scared of me like that. It'd break my heart.

Marne Sun 26-Apr-09 16:46:57

Wooden spoon in our house, i never got hit but my brother did.

bellavita Sun 26-Apr-09 18:08:39

Yep - only once though and it hurt like hell (1960's child here)

MrsGokWan Sun 26-Apr-09 18:12:43

Yep! slipper for minor things, wooden spoon for bigger infractions and once the belt. I am a 60's child.

Rubyrubyrubyflipflop Sun 26-Apr-09 18:12:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

twinsetandpearls Sun 26-Apr-09 18:14:39

child of the 80s and got slipper ( my mum had ones with heels) belts and even sticks.

I look at my mum now and don't know how she did it.

LilRedWG Sun 26-Apr-09 18:15:22

No, I was the goody-two-shoes youngest child of six. Numbers two and three got a smack or two though.

LilRedWG Sun 26-Apr-09 18:16:08

My sister did slap me once and got such a bollocking.

austinsmam Sun 26-Apr-09 20:28:28

Mostly we would get threatened with "a good slippering" or if we didnt respond she would take it off. That did the trick most of the time! shock

austinsmam Mon 27-Apr-09 20:04:45

lol seems like wooden spoons were popular too

Mumsfruitandnut Mon 27-Apr-09 20:08:37

Slipper occasionally - we used to laugh about it.

LionstarBigPants Mon 27-Apr-09 20:13:22

Yep had the slipper, the wooden spoon and the hairbrush applied to our backsides. Don't think it happened too often though, the threat probably worked quite well. Although seems brutal now, don't feel I have been particularly traumatised by it.

Hulababy Mon 27-Apr-09 20:23:31

No. Never. I don't remember being smacked particularly either. Nor my brother or younger sister.

Was born 1973

Tortington Mon 27-Apr-09 20:25:04

dh got the slipper of his mum.

we didn't 'do' slippers

ABetaDad Mon 27-Apr-09 20:28:57

I am a 60s child and got hit with a hand regularly by my Mum who had severe depression for years. My Dad tapped me very very rarely with his hand and not very hard on my bottom. This was of course quite normal, lawful and generally accepted in those days.

When I first went to boarding school, they had just stopped prefects beating boys with a cane at their absolute discretion. They still had an 'unofficial slipper' though and they used it along with keeping boys in prolonged painful stress positions. I was punched very hard on several occassions by prefects.

Housemasters hit us with slippers occassionally, some teachers sometimes smacked us on the hand with a ruler in class, the headmaster caned people including my two best frends that ran away from school. Again, all legal and accepted in those days.

Not surprisingly, I am totally against any form of physically punishment of children. I will not our boys fight or hit anyone at all either.

Aefondkiss Mon 27-Apr-09 20:30:28

my dh was made to go out and cut a "whip" of willow (sally rod)... if it wasn't big enough his mother made him go and get a thicker pieceshock 7th child of nine, and he was born in the 60's - he says it never did him any harmhmm

ABetaDad Mon 27-Apr-09 20:30:53

I will not let our boys fight or hit anyone at all either.

FAQinglovely Mon 27-Apr-09 20:30:58

I (and my brother) got the slipper from my dad - think irrc my mum just to use her hand to whallop us on the bum (after about 50 million warnings that she was going to do never happened very often lol)

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