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Double buggy/buggyboard or reins?

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beatie Tue 26-Apr-05 11:37:28

I'm sure this topic has been discussed a MILLION times so sorry if I'm asking people to repeat themselves.

I'm due with baby #2 in September. My dd will be 2y 10m old. I haven't considered getting a double buggy but haven't considered what I will do instead.

Will DD be able to walk better at that age than she does now. She's a pretty good walker stamina and distance-wise (like if we're in open countryside). But, when I take her shopping I still insist on her sitting in the buggy until the last 10 minutes as she's at that age where she'll forget to stay by my side, touch things on shelves or just suddeny stop and throw herself on her knees for no reason!

Will I be able to do baby carrier for the new baby and buggy for DD for several months? DD had a rather nice pram that I would like to use for the new baby since it lies flat, is warm and snuggly and faces me . I'll be able to use it on weekends when DH is around but it would be good to use it for short distances whilst I am on my own with baby and DD.

Is a buggy board best or should I get DD used to walking on reins? Has anyone had success with those backpacks which have a parent strap attached?

So many questions......

Distel Tue 26-Apr-05 11:41:16

My DS was 2 yrs 10 mnths when my DD was born. We used a sling and buggie while DD was small enough and when she grew a bit, DS sat on the front of her pram - It had a flat bit like a seat. We founf reins diddnt work .

scotlou Tue 26-Apr-05 11:46:24

My ds was 2 yrs 8 months when dd was born - didn't use a buggy or reins for him. He was quite happy to walk holding on to the buggy. Having said that - there's no way my dd would happily walk beside me - she's already 2 yr 9 mnths and she needs to be strapped into something or she runs wild!

ChocolateGirl Wed 27-Apr-05 09:24:49

My ds was 22 months when ds2 was born so we went for the double buggy option.

Neither of my sons has ever got on with the buggy board!

We had reasonable success with the reins/wrist strap with ds1 - but not with ds2.

Ds2 will be 3 next month and quite often I end up carrying dc3 (13 months) and carrying him! So we still try and use the double buggy as much as poss!

NotQuiteCockney Wed 27-Apr-05 09:36:36

I think it all depends on how much walking you do, and under what circumstances. My DS1 was 3 when DS2 was born, and we just kicked him out of the prams, in the weeks after DS2 was born. He now walks good distances, and is very good around roads. He's not great in supermarkets, but I do almost all my shopping online, so that's fine.

He walks to and from school, which takes about 15 minutes at a respectable adult pace.

sandycheeks Wed 27-Apr-05 19:50:25

Dd was 2.5 when ds was born. Rains did not work for us as she thought she could fly when in them . We bought a buggy board, which has been fab for us. She was very wary of the buggy board to begin with, so I used a pouch to hold baby, until he got too heavy.
The buggy board works for us because we have a half a mile walk to her nursery each morning, and dh takes the car to work. I've found that with a buggy board:
a] you can run if your late or it's raining!
b] older child can walk if they want
The negatives with a buggy board is that it is quite difficult to stear. My pram is not very heavy so can't leave dd on buggy board when i'm not holding on. It takes even longer to dismantle pram to put it in the car.
If you have to do a lot of walking then I can recomend using a buggy board, especially if your older one enjoys walking, but can have off days!

vivie Wed 27-Apr-05 21:47:44

Our buggy board is being used more now the weather's getting better. Ds2 was born in November and ds1 used to get really cold hands holding on to the pushchair handle, and there's no way to cover him up if it rains. Could you borrow one and have go?

beatie Thu 28-Apr-05 14:13:10

Yep _ I may be able to borrow one. That is probably the best idea - since they are not especially cheap.

clary Thu 28-Apr-05 14:22:32

Beatie I would advise sling plus pushchair for longer journeys, baby inm pram and toddler walking for shorter ones (so as to use the nice pram, specially in the colder months.
Then when baby is too big for sling you might want to try a buggyboard. I had great success but I know some don’t like em. I hae a very nice one for sale as it goes but that’s another story. We have 2yr gap and then 22mo gap and sling/buggy, buggy/buggyboard worked well both times.
DD now nearly 4 and off the board since last autumn.
Mind you what do we do about ds2 (just 2)? He’s just going to have to walk soon!!!!

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