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What do you think are the 3 most important things you can do for you child every day?

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pepsi Tue 26-Apr-05 11:18:55

Other than giving them lots of love, what do you consider are the 3 most important things that you try to do for your child every day to help them develop?

Mine are:-

1)Read to or with every day
2)Give them good food healthy food
3)Get them out for a bit of exercise

bundle Tue 26-Apr-05 11:19:51

make them laugh
give them opportunities to interact with other children

expatinscotland Tue 26-Apr-05 11:21:06

1. Tell her how much I love her and how proud I am of her.

2. Cuddle and kiss her.

3. Read to her.

mancmum Tue 26-Apr-05 11:22:24

1. praise them for the good things they do and ignore any minor misdemeanours
2.Encourage them to develop new interests, friends, awareness of others, imagination, creativity
3. Involve them in the family life ... mine do tidying up, cooking, cleaning, choosing activities for weekend etc..

But most of all just love them and let them know you love them... I tell mine 100 times a day I love them.. and it is fab when they say it back (once every blue moon!!)

Chandra Tue 26-Apr-05 11:22:36

Lots of cuddles and laughs
Some good chatty time
Balanced food without nasty substances that trigger his allergic reactions...

Toothache Tue 26-Apr-05 11:23:32

1) Tell them I'm SO proud of them.
2) Make sure at least one of the meals of the day is packed with goodness.
3) Encourage them to tell me about their day before they go to sleep.

koalabear Tue 26-Apr-05 11:23:34

1. tell him that i love him / how clever he is / how proud I am of him

2. cuddle him / play with him / be with him

3. give him healthy food and fresh air

Mum2girls Tue 26-Apr-05 11:27:52

Play with them
Feed them well
Praise them

ghosty Tue 26-Apr-05 11:31:41

Discipline when naughty ... No, seriously, I think teaching discipline and self discipline are very important ....
Tell them I love them
Tell them how great/clever I think they are when they achieve/make/draw something ....

ghosty Tue 26-Apr-05 11:36:39

That post makes me seem like a misery of a mummy doesn't it, re. discipline ... but we have had issues with DS and I think discipline is important ...
Of course I cuddle him a lot too!

Mum2girls Tue 26-Apr-05 11:38:37

I toyed with 'discipline' ghosty, but plumped for the more positive ones instead - I think you're spot on tho' - so important.

Enid Tue 26-Apr-05 11:39:43

1. Log onto mumsnet to see if you can pick up any fantastic parenting tips.

2. err....

bundle Tue 26-Apr-05 11:40:33

enid, what about

3. pass on Top Parenting tips!

Toothache Tue 26-Apr-05 11:40:41

pmsl Enid!

dropinthe Tue 26-Apr-05 11:41:33

At the moment-get right away from them-they are driving me insane!

northstar Tue 26-Apr-05 11:46:56

1. Give him the love, kisses and cuddles that he needs when he needs them, not when I find time.
2. Show him fairness and respect.
3. Bite my tongue and smile sweetly at him when he tells me stuff about "my daddy" (exp) when I know he is bloody useless, inconsiderate and lets ds down

Sponge Tue 26-Apr-05 11:47:08

1. Set them a good routine and stick to it (makes me sound a bit of a misery guts too but mine are so much better behaved when they know what the rules are and get enough sleep).
2. Spend time with them doing something they enjoy.
3. Give them loads of praise and encouragement.

beansmum Tue 26-Apr-05 11:47:28

1) feed him well, lots of healthy fruit and veges
2) spend plenty of time playing together without any distractions
3) get him to bed at a decent time, he needs his sleep as much as I need an evening to myself

Donbean Tue 26-Apr-05 11:50:20

1) cuddles & love

2) normal routine

3) time & patience

WideWebWitch Tue 26-Apr-05 11:56:44

pmsl enid!

bundle Tue 26-Apr-05 11:57:56

oh - forgot saying No, when appropriate. and sticking to it.

dinosaur Tue 26-Apr-05 12:00:38

1. Keep on earning the money.

2. Get home in time for bathtime and bedtime (most nights anyway).

3. Talk to them and give them the chance to talk to me.

PsychoFlame Tue 26-Apr-05 12:04:11

Tell her I love her
Cuddle her
Change poo.

triceratops Tue 26-Apr-05 12:18:42

good food
loving family
steady routine

PsychoFlame Tue 26-Apr-05 13:00:45

In my house the three best things to do for mine are.....

1....Do NOT laugh at them while they are tantruming (not a pretty sight when I laugh at my tatruming 11yr old!

2....Make sure I am calm at all times!

3...Not let PMT get the better of me!!!


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