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all alone

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arrraagggh Mon 25-Apr-05 15:55:05

My dp has justed started to work away hes in the armed forces and now im starting to really struggle with doing the daily rountine all by myself.Im starting to get really tired, depressed and fed up and resent my dp working away.I just dont know what to do to with myself and ds, im forever at my mums if not at home. I would love to take ds out but the weathers been rubbish.And ive started to argue with dp. Hes only away on courses so has most pms free and comes home at the weekend.Im stuch in groundhog day-help!!!

beansmum Mon 25-Apr-05 15:57:58

how old is ds? take him out somewhere indoors, a museum or something, definitely sounds like you need to get out. I always try and get out every afternoon or I start to go a little bit mad!

arrraagggh Mon 25-Apr-05 16:02:25

Hes 6mths now. Hes not a very good sleeper either so I think thats taking its toll on me.

Furball Mon 25-Apr-05 16:13:43

I found socialisation the best. Apart from comming on here and chatting away. Have you looked at your local '' (similar name) but which is local to your area. It will tell you all about things to do with your child and get you out the house and meeting with others. Mother and Toddler, groups although some find them a bit cliquey, I found them to be a real 'life-saver' but you'll have to bite the bullet and put on a brave face the first time you go, but everyone has been in that boat so they'll welcome a 'newbie'. I am assuming though you are in the UK.

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