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Springing into Summer with 2 (or more) pre-schoolers!

(498 Posts)
GoodGrrrlGoneBad Sat 04-Apr-09 09:30:41

Here we are ladies- our old thread was still the Xmas one!

Join us here if you have 2 or more pre school kids. smile

Current hop topic is tantrums, but feel free to chip in about anything and everything!

Chaotica Sat 04-Apr-09 10:14:41

Hello All smile

Can't talk now as have brunch on the go (DP has taken the kids on a mission to buy a paper - our local shop owner is very understanding smile)

More later, I hope.

JustKeepSwimmingInChocolate Sat 04-Apr-09 10:17:29

Hello smile & well done Grrl.

Chaotica - i go on similar trips to our newsagents with both boys! sometimes as an excuse to just get out of the house.

DH meant to be taking ds1 out to a Dad's playgroup that's on the first sat of every month - i make them go even if he's not keen. they get a bacon sandwich there so that helps grin

I have to think how to best use my quiet time (as ds2 napping). Am thinking some family tree and a cuppa....

FlorenceofArabia Sat 04-Apr-09 14:35:27

What if you have one pre-schooler? Are you banned from this topic?


GoodGrrrlGoneBad Sat 04-Apr-09 14:38:16



We started as the 2 or more kids under 2yrs thread AGES ago, and obviously the kids are growing up now, so we though 'pre schoolers' would encompass us for now. Pretty soon we won't have a special thread, will we girls? We'll just be 'parents', instead of 'parents of 2 babies / toddlers' !

GoodGrrrlGoneBad Sat 04-Apr-09 14:39:11

i'll do a proper catch up later guys btw!

FlorenceofArabia Sat 04-Apr-09 14:51:55

Oh OK...

GoodGrrrlGoneBad Sat 04-Apr-09 14:56:27

of course you're welcome to chip in though smile We just started the thread a long time ago when they were very little and we were all struggling / going mad. We're not deliberately being exclusive, honest!

luckymummy74 Sat 04-Apr-09 20:42:56

Thanks grrrl

We found out which nursery DD1 has got a place at last week, and she'll start in September shock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It wasn't our first choice but was another catholic school so we're quite happy.

Chaotica Sat 04-Apr-09 20:46:18

Evening All smile and good move with the new thread - the tinselly one was getting a bit old and dusty.

Great name, FlorenceofArabia. You could perhaps have another child so as to qualify... wink, but as Grrrl said you could pop in.

envy JKS at having some quiet time. I'm knackered. Had a nice day, but DP was busy and I suffered from what an expert might call 'nap synchronization failure' hmm (otherwise known as one child waking up from a nap just as the other goes to sleep - grrrr). I need a moment to myself.

Remains of birthday cake have kept everyone happy though smile

Chaotica Sat 04-Apr-09 20:50:47

BTW I tried extra curtains and DS stayed in bed until 7.15am. I suppose that counts as good. smile I hope it carries on working. Can't do too many toys and books in the cot to keep him quiet - he just aims them at my head (and he's a great shot grin hmm)

LM congrats on getting a nursery place. DD starts preschool then (but I've no idea where she'll go on to school - we haven't decided even thought about where we want her to go).

JaquelinehydeAllTheEggs Sat 04-Apr-09 21:00:13

Hi everyone

I've just found this thread and would like to join if I can.

I have the pleasure hmm of being mummy to two three year olds and a 21 month old, so I think I qualify grin

What else can I tell you... well I'm currently doing a joint honours degree in Education and English Literature, and looking for a new house. So thinks are hectic at the moment.

Tomorrow I am dreading looking forward to an evening party from 7-9 that I have to take them all to at the local play centre. So cue a day of "what time are we going" "is it time yet" "I want to go to the paaaarty mummy". Followed by a day of tired, irritable children because they won't go to bed until about 10pm.

tracyface Sat 04-Apr-09 21:11:20

Hi girls - ooh a new thread - thats exciting!

I have reserved the 'new toddler taming' book from the library so will be interesting to see how he has changed his opinions from before. Was laughing with my 16 year old as he noticed the bite marks on the cover of the book , which told me what he thought about toddler taming at the time!shock

Had a lovely day at the easter fun day at church this morning. Isaac was looked after by one of the 'rent a granny' (dear little old lady that plays the piano and makes great cakes) while Melissa and I made crowns, jeweled boxes, bracelets and had her face painted a little bit till she decided she didnt like it, so only half a butterfly. blush

No tantrums today , but also no sleep so we did quite well and it was nice weather so all in all a peaceful day.

LM - good news about the nursery . I am still waiting to hear about Melissa's nursery but she wont start till next September so ages yet but its a tense time because if she does not get into nursery then she wont get a place at the school. Its the only catholic school in our area and really oversubscribed ---so fingers crossed.

Off for an early night as up early and off to the zoo tomorrow

Have a nice weekend everyone x

GoodGrrrlGoneBad Sun 05-Apr-09 14:10:08

Hi Jaq!! smile

Both my boys slept until 7.30am this morning! It was very confusing when we woke up and it was LIGHT outside! Hahaha! (Dyl did wake twice in the night, but hey, it still beats getting up at 5am!)

Tantrums fairly 'minor' here (touch wood!) but Dyl has started screaming bloody murder at bedtime, even when i KNOW he is good and tired, warm, fed, comfy etc. All week it's taken a good 30mins of going in and out and screaming (on both sides) blush before he'll settle. It's really strange because before he just went to bed awake with a drink and sorted himself out.

Anyhoo- i drove on a motorway today for the first time! I took the boys to see my Gran all by myself. I'm so proud i'm going to knock back a few gins tonight i think grin

And as usual my Gran has given me an insane amount of stuff for the boys, all unhealthy hmm I'm going to give half of it to the CM. I've got a whole fruit cake, 24 welsh cakes (yes, 24!) 4 easter eggs, 2 big bags of sweets, a pack of choc fingers, 2 multipacks of crisps and a pack of fruitshoots!! I've tried telling her but she doesn't listen - or understand- so know i just share it out when i get home.

And both boys are coming along great- Dyl's language skills are amazing for his age (and a bit scary!!) potty training George been great.

Anyway- off to do lots of washing as it's so nice out. And crack open the gin!!

katedan Sun 05-Apr-09 19:53:30

Can i join you? I have twin 2.5 year olds (I also have DS who is nearly 6). The girls start nursery after easter so I will have 5 hours a week to catch my breath!!! It will cost lots untill the goverment funding kicks in from January but I hope it will be good for their development and hopefully they will have lots of fun. My two are a couple of feisty girls so we have tantrums galore. look forward to chatting with you all.

Claire2009 Sun 05-Apr-09 19:59:10

Can i join? Not sure if I qualify? [fgrin]

Soon to be 2yo, starting Playschool on 20th April & 3.2yo at Playschool 3 times a week.

Chaotica Sun 05-Apr-09 21:58:14

Evening All, and welcome Jaq, Katedan and Claire smile

Not much going on here (only one major tantrum all day - the neighbours must be wondering what's going on...). But we did have DD's latest imaginary friend around for tea...'s Barack Obama (I kid you not) grin

Like the easter name, Grrrl (sorry 'Bun', if that isn't too unMN). Motorway driving scared the shit out of me too when I started. I'm just about starting to relax about it, but I'm still not keen if I've got the DCs in the car.

DS is talking lots too now. He's one of the odd ones who comes out with full complex sentences in the middle of a load of babbling (which probably means something to him) - it's quite freaky and totally different to how DD learnt to talk.

Chaotica Sun 05-Apr-09 23:53:43

Sorry Grrrl - Someone has an easter name similar to your usual one so I made a mistake (I think). OTOH you might have another name... This can be quite confusing grin

Claire2009 Sun 05-Apr-09 23:55:50

Thanks for the Welcome Chaotica

How old are you dc's?

Chaotica Mon 06-Apr-09 12:06:52

Morning All smile

For those who don't know me (or have just forgotten) I have DD who is 2.11 and DS 18m. (Both at the CM's today so I should be getting some work done!)

GoodGrrrlGoneBad Mon 06-Apr-09 13:02:32

no, i'm still me Chaotica! smile

Chaotica Mon 06-Apr-09 16:39:10

grrrl - That's good smile I was very confused for a minute or two. (Actually, I'm usually confused...)

tracyface Mon 06-Apr-09 17:19:48

Hi Jaq, Katedan and Claire. I have Melissa who is 2 years and one month and Isaac who is 13 months plus 3 other boys aged 10, 16 and 19.

Motorway or any kind of driving is a bit scary when you cant stop the car if you need to because of the children. Its like --driving- walking on eggshells at the moment with melissa . We had another throw up tantrum in the car seat on only a five min journey back from the shops. She hates her car seat and just screams and fights till she makes herself sick.

I wonder what Supernanny or Dr Green would make of that? sad Its hard to ignore puke!

Any suggestions apart from never leaving the house again grin

Claire2009 Mon 06-Apr-09 21:30:30

Evening all,

Tracyface sorry no advice, have never had that problem here...hope you can get it sorted!

I have Joe, he's 2 on the 18th April & Morgane is 3, was 3 on 18th Feb

Both in bed asleep now.....YAY!!! grin

Chaotica Tue 07-Apr-09 22:19:10

Evening, All smile

Tracyface - don't know what to suggest with Melissa's tantrums, even though DD used to have some epic car seat ones (but she never threw up) - she just seems (fingers crossed) to have got over them. Is she actually feeling sick, do you think? (Unlikely, but some kids do get car sick...) Is it just when she's tired (or leaving somewhere when she's giddy) - that used to be the problem with DD. I find that having emergency biscuits/juice in the care (that she can have when she behaves) worked to some extent... (Bribery?? No! wink) Also in DD's case, she might have been having a manic tantrum because she was hungry (she still goes pretty crazy when her blood sugar is low). Distraction worked sometimes (books in the car, music, something exciting to look at...) - but often I'd drive for ages with a wild screamer in the back (trying hard not to have an accident). Believe me - I sympathise (and I hope you find a solution).

Hope everyone else is doing well...

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