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Child friendly places to go in York (not Betty's!) please?

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dietqueen Fri 03-Apr-09 14:25:24

off to York very soon and just wanted ideas on where to eat - child friendly ones please.

bellavitalikesthesimnellife Fri 03-Apr-09 15:13:31

Pizza Express (we have two)

La Piazza on Goodramgate - tel 01904 642641 if you want to book a table - my boys love going to eat here and the staff love kids.

dietqueen Fri 03-Apr-09 19:27:08

thanks look slovely - anymore???

mrsboogie Fri 03-Apr-09 23:43:18

Bar Haha - always full of babies and kiddies

dietqueen Sun 05-Apr-09 17:50:28

looks great - just checked out menu great childrens one will definate go here. Also do a printable 2 for 1 voucher

normanthehairdresser Tue 07-Apr-09 10:27:40

Spurriergate Centre at the top of Coney Street does cakes, kids sandwiches,jacket potatoes, nice tea and has a small play area where the altar used to be (its a converted church). My 3 year old is happy to play there while I sit at table alongside and finish coffee! Also has all baby stuff, plates, high chairs etc.

It is run by the local evangelical church if you have any objections to displays and literature with your coffee - but does mean the coffee is all fairtrade!

CarmenSanDiego Wed 08-Apr-09 08:34:53

City Screen cinema has a lovely restaurant. Yummy herby homemade burgers and a nice view over the river.

KinderEggKayzr Wed 08-Apr-09 08:38:31

Just to say that whenever we go to the pizza hut on parliment(sp) street they tend to act like having kids in there is a burden.

TheMadHouse Wed 08-Apr-09 08:56:28

Pizza Express is not as good as it used to be. It can take an age to get served

accessorizequeen Wed 08-Apr-09 20:14:47

Bella Italia on Low Petergate. Big pile of toys and books in the corner, highchairs no problem and staff friendly. Can't remember the changing facilities though.

MamaG Wed 08-Apr-09 20:16:51

God Bettys makes me cringe - folk actually queue out of hte door and down the street and I always have an urge to throw paint at htem

accessorizequeen Wed 08-Apr-09 20:32:53

their florentines are to die for, though (sigh)

CarmenSanDiego Thu 09-Apr-09 04:47:55

Ohhhh, I miss the alpine pasta at Bettys. And Fat Rascals!

(Although I very nearly ordered a Fat Bastard once blush)

dietqueen Thu 09-Apr-09 11:42:33

Mama G thats funny!!! Why q for overpriced Cake!!!!

Kathyis6incheshigh Thu 09-Apr-09 11:49:51

I sometimes buy cakes from Betty's to take home - you don't have to queue for as long and generally they are pretty big so that way we can share them. They are very very nice.

8 Gillygate is nice - the food is absolutely top. They are a bit small if you have a big buggy though and child-friendly by virtue of being nice rather than because they make a particular effort to attract children.

Cafe Rouge.

Oh, the other place we have found useful for lunch is the Orgasmic Cafe Bar along from City Screen. Again, it doesn't make an effort to be child-friendly but it works for us because it's big, comfortable, not usually too busy during the day (they make their money from vertical drinkers in the evening) and food is lovely, particularly the calzones.

DaveTaylor Fri 21-Aug-15 17:05:27

City Screen especially good with Toddler Time (Fri), Kids' Club (Sat), and The Big Scream (Wed)

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