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sambrads Wed 01-Apr-09 10:41:08

hi ya my dd is 6 months she has been in our room from she was born and in a crib now i want to move her into her own room into her cot but she is having none of it .

i think she thinks its too big a space i have put a pillow in her crib and she snuggles into it and loves being all cosy . i am afraid of using a pillow in her own room as i know your not meant to but she loves it .

what will i do controlled crying ???

my ds was in his cot at 8 weeks he was a gem but dd is a bit more hard work if you know what i mean .

any advice would be welcome

missmama Wed 01-Apr-09 11:17:14

I know exactly what you mean!

Are you able to put he crib inside the cot without the stand.
So she gets used to the one thing with out loosing the other first?

Concordia Wed 01-Apr-09 23:03:54

i'm on the crib in the cot thing at the moment. DD is six and a half months nearly.
i daren't try just the cot again.

Doodle2U Wed 01-Apr-09 23:05:10

Crib in cot.

Sleeps during the day - in the cot.

Play during the day - in the cot.

jenwa Fri 05-Jun-09 22:16:27

Sambrads!!!! Come see us on postnatel threads we miss you wink hope you DD is doing well?

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