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Confess the lyrics of made-up songs you sing to your DC!

(80 Posts)
BEAUTlFUL Mon 16-Mar-09 23:46:13

I have millions. When DS2 is about to stick his hand down the loo/eat caterpillars, the song goes:

"Dirty and dangerous, dangerous and dirty;
If you carry on like this you won't live to see 30." blush

When I'm about to change his nappy, there's a haunting melody that carries the evocative lyric: "I'm gonna do your bum, I'm going do your buummm. I'm gonna do your bum bum bum, I'm gonna do that naughty bum."

After his bath, he endures enjoys the rousing song with moving lines like, "Fresh and clean, fresh and clean, fit to be seen on a magazine/by the Queen".

Is my poor son the only baby to be subjected daily to such outpourings of rubbish?

BEAUTlFUL Mon 16-Mar-09 23:49:43

Forget it! blush I see this is already being covered further down this topic! blush VVVV embarrassed now. blush

lockets Mon 16-Mar-09 23:51:59

Message withdrawn

Jacksmama Mon 16-Mar-09 23:52:52

"I see little feet
they smell so sweet
who do they belong to
Jackson, Jackson"

PortAndLemon Tue 17-Mar-09 00:09:22

Recently I've been adapting the "Josie Jump is my name... jump up a little higher" song from Balamory for DD at nappy change time:

[DD's name (which fortunately scans)] is my name
Doing big poos is my game
I love to fill my nappy
It really is quite fun
And when my mummy changes it
I fill another one


Poo, poo a little harder
Fill that nappy!

Poo, poo a little harder
Make a smell!

[return to start and repeat until nappy change completed]


PlumpRumpSoggyBaps Tue 17-Mar-09 00:24:24

Ah. I have two.

Baby popkin, baby popkin, your mummy really loves you. Baby popkin, baby popkin, yes she really does. (D'ya see the brilliance? You can carry on ad infinitum AND nauseam, citing all the members of your family/ dh's family/ friends, neighbours etc etc)

And (to the Spiderman tune)
babykins, babykins
does whatever a babykins does.
Smiles a lot
dribbles too
produces snot
and poo too.
watch ou-u-u-tt,
here comes babykins.

treacletart Tue 17-Mar-09 00:39:42

DS sings this when he brushes his teeth:
"Brusha brusha brusha - like you live in Russia - doo a poo and flusha - then you drink some crusha" (?!)

And I sing to DD to the tune of the hymn Sing Hosanah (?again!) "Is there pooh in your pants, are you stinky? Is there pooh in your pants [DD's name]? is there pooh in your pants are you stinky? Oh we'd better change your nap-ppy! Change your nappy! Change your nappy! Change your nappy it's a stinky pooh! etc etc etc etc

mamakoukla Tue 17-Mar-09 00:54:49

We have had a number of alterations to Super Trooper (Abba). Somthing along the lines of -

Super pooper
nappy's going to find you
pooping on the run
purging, happy tum
pooping like a number 0ne

PortAndLemon Tue 17-Mar-09 00:55:30

<adds more songs to repertoire>

BEAUTlFUL Tue 17-Mar-09 09:08:16

I love these so much!

slug Tue 17-Mar-09 09:52:30

Do Do Do
The nudey nasty
Put your knickers on the floor
Show us your tum
And wiggle your bare bum
Then you won't be wearing clothes any more.

LoveBeingAMummy Tue 17-Mar-09 10:53:52

Rebecca's got a stinky bum, stinky bum, stinky bum,
Rebecca's got a stinky bum, stinky, Stinky, Stinky bum
Stinky, stinky bum
Stinky, stinky bum
Rebecca's got a stinky bum, pooey whats that smell?


spinspinsugar Tue 17-Mar-09 10:59:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wuglet Tue 17-Mar-09 11:04:01

Let's call the DC Melanie and Christopher (why not)

Have a little restie, have a little restie, Have a little restie, Melanie

Christopher! Super star!
How in the world can he jump so far!

ZoeWilliamsSecondChild Tue 17-Mar-09 11:04:08

DS2 is the very bestest baby in the land
And all the other mummies sadly have to understand
There just is not another one that's half as nice as him
Be they sort or tall, or black or white
Or gray or fat or thin

cestlavie Tue 17-Mar-09 11:07:48

"There's a worm at the bottom of the garden, and his name is Bum Bum Woo,
There's a worm at the bottom of the garden,
And all he does is poo,
He poos all night,
He poos all day,
The people all around him say...
What a very smelly worm!"

(DD1's current favourite)

tjacksonpfc Tue 17-Mar-09 11:45:50

incy wincy spider climbs up the spout
down came the rain and washs poor incy out
but the rain was acid
and burnt of incys legs
incy wincy spiders
now a blob instead

can u tell i dont like spiders grin

EachPeachPearMum Tue 17-Mar-09 12:13:14

I love this thread

To the tune of 'Nellie the Elephant'...

"[DD] the astronaut packed her things
And said goodbye to the earthlings
Off she went with a trumpety blast
Blast, blast, blast
[DD] the astronaut packed her things
And said goodbye to the earthlings
Off she went with a trumpety blast
Blast, blast, blast

The Head of the Aliens called from
Far, far away,
They met one night
By the pale moonlight
Underneath the Milky Way

[DD] the astronaut packed her things
And said goodbye to the earthlings
Off she went with a trumpety blast
Blast, blast, blast"

georgiemum Tue 17-Mar-09 12:17:57

We have the banana song, which with hindsight wasn't such a good idea...

bananas, bananas, bananas,
they're very good for you,
bananas, bananas, bananas,
they make you fart and poo

often sung loudly in supermarkets blush

hey, why isn't there a St Patricks Day smiley?

phdlife Tue 17-Mar-09 12:23:01

Brush, brush, brush your teeth
Brush them nice and clean
Brush them til they're shiny white
Not a manky green!

And there's about 97 verses of a lullaby that starts

Rock, rock, rockety rock
Rock my little guy
Rock, rock, rockety rock
Close your beautiful eyes

Am totally stealing the Banana song though grin

TheGashlycrumbTinies Tue 17-Mar-09 12:23:40

To be sung to the tune of Doodle Doo

Ruby Roo did a poo
It was very smelly too
Bella boo did one too
What's their Mama going to do?

daisy99divine Tue 17-Mar-09 12:26:26

A you're adorable
B you're adorable
C you're adorable too.....
D you're adorable
E you're adorable
F you're adorable too!!!
G you're adorable
H you're adorable

(you get the gist!!)

To the tune of Edelweiss (from The Sound of Music):

Morning Poo, Morning Poo,
Every morning you greet me!
Morning Poo, Morning Poo,
Every morning you meet me!
Squishy and squashy and warm and brown,
Warm and brown and smell-y!
Morning Poo, Morning Poo,
Squeezed one out in my nappy!


And we're very strict about it - won't catch any of us singing it to an afternoon poo, oh no.


CMOTdibbler Tue 17-Mar-09 12:34:00

To the tune of Happy Talk:

Happy, happy happy happy pants
Pants with no wee or poooo
When you've got happy pants
When you've got happy pants
Everybody else is happy tooo

BEAUTlFUL Tue 17-Mar-09 13:08:26

I'm dying at these! They are brilliant-brilliant-brilliant.

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