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toilet training regression... please help !

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mankymummy Mon 16-Mar-09 17:21:11

aggghh... DS has just had yet another "accident". He is 3 and 8 months and been in pants for about 5 months.

It started with the odd accident at nursery and now has progressed to 80% of the time he wees or poos in his pants.

I've tried talking to him, saying he would lose toys, saying about school (he starts in sept) and how big boys dont poo, praising him ridiculously when he gets it in the loo.

All to no avail...

What do I do? Put him back in nappies? Persevere? its been going on for about a month now, getting worse.

Anyone had similar and their DCs suddenly "got" it again?

Im at my wits end, poor nursery staff having to deal with endless clothes changes etc.

mankymummy Mon 16-Mar-09 17:21:59

sorry, big boys dont poo in their pants, obviously hmm

MIAonline Mon 16-Mar-09 18:21:04

I think they do go through phases. Is there anything that has changed over the month? New baby, transition at nursery, friendship issues? I would say it will probably sort itself out and wait and try not to mention at all the accidents (easier said than done) and just focus on the positive 20%. smile

NotSoRampantRabbit Mon 16-Mar-09 18:26:10

DS 3.8 just been through similar. I would have put him back in nappies if he's let me, but he flatly refused.

So my tactic was to really play it all down. Stop talking about it/reminding him to go. I got him to help me clean up if he had an accident and gave a normal amount of praise when he did make it to the loo. The phase seems to have passed - not sure that has anything to do with my approach though tbh.

I wouldn't labor the point about school/being a big boy - think part of the issue for ds is that he knows there are big changes coming and was kind of clinging onto babyhood a wee bit.

FiveGoMadInDorset Mon 16-Mar-09 18:28:29

DD is being just as bad at the moment. We have the nursrey nurse attached to our GP's surgery coming on Wednesday to talk tactics so can let you know what she says.

DD was great and now you can ask until you are blue in the face she will say no and then I turn my back and she pees.

cooprach Wed 12-Aug-09 19:07:28

Hi, I am having the same problem but just with poos. He was fully toilet trained with very few accidents and then he had an infection and lots of accidents which of cause we said we didn,t mind. Since then (May 09) he has been very hit and miss and over the last 3 weeks we have had about 4 poos in the toilet. He doesn't seem to realise.
I have tried star charts, choclate, working towards a reward, ignoring, talking to him in fact everything th ebooks say. Did you have any luck with your child and does anyone have any ideas? He is 3 and 6 months and not due to start school until Sept 2010.

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