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Thanks! (and any ideas / opinions?!)

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Jumblesmum Sun 17-Apr-05 20:06:52

You guys are great - thanx for all your tips. i do treat wakings at 5.30 or whatever as a night waking but, sadly ds does not!! He'll happily mooch round his cot singing to himself while i sit in the rocker and ignore him until what i think is a sociable hour! Has actually, these last coup[le of mornings, managed ok without me for 30 mins or so, so we're getting there!
However, am having trouble getting him to eat at lunchtime still - has 4 or 5 oz of milk at 7, proper cereal brekkie at 8 then usually lunch at 12 but refuses to eat, so now eats at nearly one! do you think thats a big gap between meals? He'll then have 6oz milk and biscuit at 3.30, tea at 5.30 and nught-time 5 oz at 7. My health visitor thinks he shouldn't have afternoon bottle but snack instead - what do you think? Won't eat pieces of fruit as lumps in anything make him instantly sick! Will chew stuff up happily but can't get it down (except cake and biscuits for some reason...... Any bright ideas?!

Jumblesmum Sun 17-Apr-05 20:08:08

Forgot to say ds is nearly 10 months now!

Twiglett Sun 17-Apr-05 20:11:04

think you might find that he knows when he should eat better than you

if he wants to eat nearer one then let him

have you tried banana - big old pieces of banana he can chomp on and it turns to mush in his mouth so no lumps?

lunarx Sun 17-Apr-05 20:39:51

my ds is nearly 10 months old.. and is having the SAME issues with eating meals (i posted about this recently in the behaviour/development section) (maybe have a look there, too as some other mums have offered good suggestions!)
from all that i've read, babies this age should be having a pint of milk a day (also including in their meals/cereals/etc). how is he with fingerfoods? does he chew on anything on his own? (is he teething too?, ours is teething badly and meals are a nightmare now a days..)
i dont think its a big gap between meals, if your son is hungry, no doubt he'd let you know..

do you make his breakfast up with his milk too?

lunarx Sun 17-Apr-05 20:40:17

ps: hang in there

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