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DS has been up 2 hours, and is covered in yoghurt already.

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colditz Sun 17-Apr-05 10:47:17

I get up, get dressed and get ready, and sometimes it doesn't seem worth the bloody effort. I haven't even had a shower yet.

snafu Sun 17-Apr-05 11:01:07

Don't you wonder sometimes why you even bother dressing them? I think I might just cut armholes in a carrier bag for ds and chuck it in the bin at the end of the day!

Hermione1 Sun 17-Apr-05 11:02:21

lol snafu. i know what you mean, mind you mine are 5 and 6 now. But the memories remain the same. lol

colditz Sun 17-Apr-05 11:05:24

I have been known to wish that toddlers were washing-machine proof.

Just imagine.... pop your toddler into the wash, then the dryer, and when the cycle finishes, out springs your freshly laundered toddler in his freshly laundered clothes, sleepy eyed having been lulled by the motion of the dryer, and therefore ready for bed....


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