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Brainiest kid in Britain

(8 Posts)
Robbie Mon 07-May-01 21:13:56

Apparently Carol Vorderman is about to host a new quiz for 11-12 year olds to find the brainiest kid in Britain. It's apparently a really straight quiz (no dunking in gloop) and the winner just gets the title - no prize. Would you encourage your kids to go on?

Rhiannon Tue 08-May-01 08:44:53

No! What a disappointment for all except one. And what pressure on that one. Surprised as a parent she wants to get involved.

Tigermoth Tue 08-May-01 13:12:29

Brainiest kid at what? Breaking into cars? Computer hacking? Winning American child beauty pageants?

No I would not encourage my child to go on it. Should I have a genius, (and I definitely don't) the possibilities for their subsequent exploitation are endless - to say nothing of the teasing!

Marina Tue 08-May-01 14:13:51

Can you imagine what would happen to that child in the playground? I'd sooner issue my son with a great big pink Barbie lunchbox...or maybe Bugsy's charming-sounding "kick me (I'm a nerd)" tee shirt. Rhiannon, maybe she's thinking back to the time when she was top of the form herself? Wasn't Carol Vorderman some kind of teen brainbox...some people can never really get away from the fastest to finish the spelling test mentality, poor things. If my son turns out a brainbox I'll draw a moustache on him and stick him in "Who wants to be a Millionaire" instead. If you are going to ruin your cred on TV you deserve a crack at some decent cash.

Tigermoth Tue 08-May-01 14:53:21

What a brilliant idea, Marina!

BTW 'Who wants to be a Millionaire' is a firm favourite at my son's after school playclub. All the children sit round nodding sagely when it's on.

I actually replied to an ad for contestants before the programme was launched, and I was given an interview time. Apathy and regained good taste prevented me from making it. Don't think my appearance on the show would have made headlines, though.

Lil Tue 08-May-01 14:54:47

Does Carol Vordaman wind anyone else up? I can't stand the way everyone makes a big deal about her being a brainy woman. Is it shocking that a female is intelligent, or is it more shocking that there's a woman in existence who is brainy and takes care of her looks?

There's loads of us intelligent women out there, and forgive us for not looking like a stereotypical school nerds..Grr....its so patronising.

Hmonty Tue 08-May-01 15:53:53

I'd say that if your kids want to go on the show and seem to have fun then why not? After all if they're the sort that get accepted then chances are they're already the school brainbox/nerd. If it looks like they're getting stressed about it or not enjoying themselves you pull the plug. Not a hope that my boys would be on there (Must get their brains from their father's side!) and even if they could be I wouldn't push them to do it....but if they asked me if they could go on I wouldn't stop them and would give them the necessary encouragement etc. I always wanted to be on 'We are the Champion's' when I was a kid. They never canme to my school though....Thank goodness. I was built like a barrel and would never have got through the obstacle courses!

Sml Wed 09-May-01 09:03:12

Lil, I agree!

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