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Help..... My baby only sleeps in my bed

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tostaky Tue 03-Mar-09 07:57:54

*very sleep deprived mummy*
My 4 months old sleeps fine in his bed from 8pm til midnight roughly then wakes up for a feed. After his feed it is impossible to get him to sttle by himself in his cot... he keeps waking up every half hour and starts whinging so io go to his cot and ssshhh him and stroke his head and cheek (which works when i settle him at 8pm) but to no avail...
After 30 mins of going to his cot to try to settle him i usually give up and take him with us n bed. And give him the boob. and this is how i (badly) sleep. and everytime my boob gets out ogf his mouth, he wakes up. The dummy doesnt always work...

How do I do????

LoveMyGirls Tue 03-Mar-09 08:02:48

Personally I would do the 12am feed earlier (about 10.45ish) so that you can try and settle him back into bed earlier when you are less tired and more able to be consistant.

Is his cot right next to your bed? Maybe he would sleep in his cot if it was next to you and you could have a better nights sleep?

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