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is my 2yr old too young to go to playschool?

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justgaveup Sun 01-Mar-09 15:44:25

I am SAHM but my 2.1yr old is driving me utterly nuts and really getting me down, he is so exhausting.

DH has suggested sending him to local playschool for 2 mornings, to give me a break and him some fun/interaction with other kids.

I've rang playschool and they take kids from 2-4yr but manager did make noises about 2yrs being 'very young'.

I don't know what to do, my son is still in nappies and doesn't talk at all and is going through a clingy stage. DH thinks going to nursery might help him with clingy stage and the talking but I wonder if it's going to be too traumatic for him if he can't communicate.

Anyone been in similar situation?

We can't afford a 'proper' nursery at £20 per morning. Playschool is £6 for 2hrs.

pavlovthecat Sun 01-Mar-09 15:47:52

What is the difference between playschool and nursery?

I think, if there is not much difference between the two, he would be fine for 2 hours. In fact, not only fine, I think he would love it. Sounds like he needs to get some of that energy out, and give you a break.

My DD goes to nursery once a week all day, was 2 days but finances meant we downgraded for now. When she is 3, we will do 3 days. She absolutely loves it.

FrannyandZooey Sun 01-Mar-09 15:49:49

if you could possibly afford someone to come to your house for 2 hours instead, i think it would be better
it would probably cost about £5 per hour if you got a young person who wanted experience

alternatively swop with a friend and have her child for a morning at some point to repay the favour

if you think you need a break, you need a break, but playgroup environment quite challenging for little people who are feeling 'clingy' and can't talk

justgaveup Sun 01-Mar-09 15:52:22

ooo 2 totally opposite opinions - lol - you two are not my mum and my mum in law are you?

Difference between playschool and nursery is that nursery will have other 1/2yr old so my son won't be only one who can't talk whereas playschool is lovely but full of kids who can talk and understand games and taking turns etc (my son has NO IDEA about taking turns!)

EldonAve Sun 01-Mar-09 15:52:41

I sent DC1 to nursery at 2 as DC2 had arrived - in retrospect it was too early

If they are not talking then it is very difficult for them to tell the staff their wants and needs. If they get upset then they can't tell anyone what the matter is

I don't think it would help with clinginess (sp?) tbh

Do you go to playgroups?

LadyOfWaffle Sun 01-Mar-09 15:53:00

DS went at 2.6 (the soonest they would take him) and he loved it. He would have gone sooner if they'd have him! He started 2 afternoons, then added a morning but it's not enough for him so send him 5 mornings now and he is 2.11. Worth a go I think.

justgaveup Sun 01-Mar-09 15:53:56

yeah, i do go to 1, sometimes 2 playgroups and that helps...but i have an overwhelming urge to just be on my own! That sounds so selfish but I get desperate for some peace!

Skimty Sun 01-Mar-09 15:54:24

DS started preschool at 2 and 3 weeks (actually on the day DD was born but that's a whole other story!!)

I was really worried about him but he loves it. Over half term I had to pretend to be his 'teachers'. I was really worried but it was all fine...

He had gone to lots of clubs etc. so was used to other adults and been looked after by friends when I was scanned etc. He could also talk in full sentences etc. so I was wasn't concerned about his language.

compo Sun 01-Mar-09 15:54:25

I would try it and see how it goes
or just find loads of mother and toddler groups to go to, play gym, tumble tots, storytime at the library etc to wear him out and give you both something to do

pavlovthecat Sun 01-Mar-09 15:58:01

If he is not used to doing turns, maybe he can learn at playschool? 2 hours is not too long for him and if you try it for a couple of sessions and you really really feel it is to much for him right now, you can stop again. Although it is worth remembering it can take a good few weeks to 'settle' esp if only going twice a week for 2 hours.

You need a break, he needs to spend time with other children. What will happen if you try and it doesn't work out? Or, what if you don;t try?

iwantitnow Sun 01-Mar-09 17:48:24

DD started at 2.2 but is very verbal. Nappies not a problem if they take them from 2 years old. Are there any other 2 year olds there?

DD settled straight away but the preschool required she goes 3 mornings so that might have helped.

I would try it out you have nothing to lose, if it doesn't work out after a couple of weeks wait a few months until September and try again.

bronze Sun 01-Mar-09 17:51:46

dd started the local playgroup at 2 and loves it. She couldn't wait to go but I wonder if its because ds2 already went so she had been with me for drop off each time.

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