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3yo hoodie

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apostrophe Fri 27-Feb-09 21:25:00

Message withdrawn

kitkatqueen Fri 27-Feb-09 23:45:55

Hi can totally sympathise - dd1 has hearing problems too and anything obscuring her ears makes it so much worse - we had to explain to her aged about 3 that she couldn't have milk anymore because that is a primary cause of her hearing problems. A change of coat isn't nearly so drastic a thing to get used to and no u are definatley not being a cow!!!

Could you take him shopping for a new coat? Make it a special shopping trip and then once he's used to the new exciting coat lose the old one and buy him a hat instead?

Rational explanations don't really work too well at age 3 - also my dd had probs at nursery making friends when she couldn't hear what the other children were saying - if she ignored a child because she hadn't heard what was said that child would not persist in talking to her again and then treated her differently. When she finally did get a best friend we were quite relieved - as it turned out the little girl in question had had a cold and become deaf - consequently she was shouting at everyone and my dd could hear her - and she could hear my daughter!!!

What is causing your son's hearing problems?

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