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when did you first cut dd hair

(6 Posts)
pud1 Wed 25-Feb-09 15:44:28

oh thinks i should have dd hair cut. she is only 1 and it is not long at all.

ShowOfHands Wed 25-Feb-09 15:47:47

DD is 21mo. I trim her fringe to keep it out of her eyes. Nothing more.

mejon Wed 25-Feb-09 16:03:55

I trimmed her fringe and a bit at the back a few times but she had her first 'proper' haircut at just gone 2 years. She has a wavy bob and doesn't like clips in it and won't stay still for me to put it in bunches so I have to keep her fringe short enough to stay out of her eyes.

Nightcrawly Wed 25-Feb-09 16:19:25

6 month, but it was very long for her age and very wonky!

PeppermintPatty Wed 25-Feb-09 16:22:29

I cut my DD's at about 4 months old I think. She was born with a lot of hair though. I think she's had about 6 haircuts altogether(she's 20 months) - all done my me She now has a shoulder length bob with a short fringe - for the same reasons as mejon's DD.

bratnav Wed 25-Feb-09 16:28:25

I first took DDs when they were around 2.

DSDs Mum refused to have her hair cut at all, then DP (her Daddy) took her when she was 3.5. She was terrified and screamed the place down. I think there is some merit in doing it slightly earlier than perhaps it is actually needed so DD can get used to it, but 1 does seem very early unless the hair really needs to be cut.

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