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door slamming and food throwing

(4 Posts)
mitsuko Wed 13-Apr-05 13:16:00

Does anyone know where I can get magnetic type doorstops, that will hold an internal door open firmly enough so a 14 month old can't slam it? Wooden and plastic door wedges just get removed and chewed. Any ideas? He thinks it's a great game, as is throwing his food bowl off the highchair. I've tried a bowl with a suction pad on the bottom but he can usually work it free and is determined to feed himself these days - anyone know of a good make that stays put?


flossythesheep Wed 13-Apr-05 17:14:13

Sounds like you are having fun with you little one. I found that nothing will stop them throwing their bowl of the tray. If you take it away from them and remove them from the chair they soon learn that if they dont stop they don't get their full dinner. my ds 16mths did the same and after a few days he stopped doing it as he realised it was not fun any more. Whth regards to door stoppers, the best ones I found were from mamma and Pappa and they attached to the door frame, they release when the door was open but you could close then off when the children went to bed. I am not explaining them very well am I ! I cannot find them anywhere on the web but I got them from my local baby shop.

mitsuko Wed 13-Apr-05 19:29:48

Hi flossythesheep

I had a surf and found Clippasafe door stoppers, which sound like the thing, so I'll give them a try.


morningpaper Wed 13-Apr-05 19:34:31

I've seen polystyrene c-shaped wedges that you just slide onto the door (above his head!) and it stops it from closing.

One-inch slices of pipe insulation would do the same job if you have any lying around... (but that's probably just me with my manly shed-full-of-crap fetish!)

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