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All most two - hair pulling, kicking, tantrums- what to do?

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Jzee Wed 13-Apr-05 12:37:29

My little boy is 21months and when he's not getting his own way or another child is in his way then he will quite often pull hair or kick . I'm always standing by to rescue the other child, but he's also started pulling my hair. How do I let him know that pulling hair and kicking isn't acceptable? Or do I just continue to tell him he shouldn't do it because it hurts and it's naughty and wait for him to grow out of it?

Lucycat Wed 13-Apr-05 12:43:34

I used to have this with dd2 who is now 23 mths. I used to move her to a quiet part of the room, get down close, holding both her arms and tell her not to hit, that it really hurts and that it makes mummy sad and cross. It took a while but we are getting there. She will still flail her arms when she's tired or cross, but immediately says sorry mummy and gives me a kiss.
Consistency is the thing - I think and be firm! oh and good luck!!

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