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Baby Jogger vs Mountain Buggy - please help!

(9 Posts)
Beesmummy Sun 22-Feb-09 23:19:54

think I am down to these two in the lightweight/easy to fold country buggy stakes...
I know there are some serious MB fans out there, but does anyone have an opinion on the Baby Jogger City Classic or City Elite buggies?
We have a City Mini, and I love the enormous hood and fastfold system (amazing), so I know a little bit about them, but am finding it hard to find somewhere near me where I can test drive the Classic or Elite (am near Taunton, if anyone knows of somewhere).
I have to walk dogs on v uneven terrain (up a steep hill too!) for an hour every day, but have to get in car to do it, so really don't want to be faffing around trying to fold up something difficult or heaving a heavy buggy in and out of the car and up the hill.
DD2 due in a month and I really want to have the buggy by then - Please help!

Lotster Sun 22-Feb-09 23:51:27

Adding this more by way of a bump really as it's not answering your question!!

But...I love my Mountain Buggy, so easy to steer, never had a problem with the tyres, only buggy that comes with a pump and spare inner tube from what I've heard too. It's so easy to fold (not the lightest buggy ever TBH but the weighting is spot on for steering).

I also have a dog and know the importance of being able to dash off road and over bumpy ground when you need to chase a toddler and our MB has bever let us down.

I got the Urban deal including raincover and sheepskin from who were really helpful, gave me good tips on max tyre inflation and was a good price, they throw in free lambskin harness covers too.

Just bought a Phil and Ted's Vibe as am about to have a second baby. Was going to sell the MB but have actually decided having heard about the tyres causing probs with P&T to use it for a short time then sell on and go back to beloved MB!!

Make the right choice lady.. grin

Beesmummy Mon 23-Feb-09 17:33:01

thank you!! think am becoming more convinced by the minute, but would just love to hear from someone who has the Babyjogger -- does no one have one? (Perhaps that answers my question!!!)

MrsBoo Mon 23-Feb-09 17:51:16

I had a BabyJogger for my DC. I bought it 8 years ago for my DS, and it was great - and used all the time for both him and DD later. I can't bear to part with it, even though i am not planning anymore DC.
I think (without going to the garage to check) it was a Jogger 2? Fairly big, and it folded lengthwise in two. It fitted into the boot of my BMW touring without having to remove any of the wheels.
I found it really easy to use in the country, forest tracks, beach, gravel, muddy fields etc etc - but it was way too big for town in my opinion. If you are also thinking of doing any jogging or running with it, it was easy to handle with one hand.
Oh, and my DH wasn't embarassed to be seen with it either!
When we got it there wasn't much choice, and I think there were only 1 or 2 distributors of it in the UK

Fennel Mon 23-Feb-09 18:00:35

I had a babyjogger with dd1, 8 years ago. We loved it, it was great for rough walking or running and heaving up and down beach steps or over boulders. (til it broke from too much bashing over rocks but it lasted quite a while first).

It was unwieldy in urban spaces, and the big wheels meant it didn't fold up small, though it wasn't hard to fold, so it depends if you want to use it more for outdoor stuff or for town stuff, IMO.

I'd get one again.

mistlethrush Mon 23-Feb-09 18:45:44

I had MB urban - and walked the dog with it every day too. It went up and down steps, over rocks, through mud and through foot high thick grass with no problems. And I haven't sold it yet as would really like a 2nd (although its looking improbable) - it would happily cope with a 2nd child, and we used it from 3wks with no added carrycot or car seat attachment. Although it was mainly bought and used in the country (although rarely had to 'fix' the front swivel wheel unless it was really rocky) it was still very versatile in the town - turn on a 6p, the only slight issue was the width of the back axle - but it was so manoeuvreable this didn't really cause any problems. Fantastic to steer with one hand, leaving the other one for the dog lead.

Beesmummy Sun 22-Mar-09 20:10:02

Babyjogger is fab!! Bought one because got such a bargain and it folds up so much smaller than any of the other three wheelers, so I can get it in the car really easily. Love it.
But wish that I could have three parallel lives so that I could also have a Mountain Buggy and a Landrover too!
Really recommend the Babyjogger City (dunno why it is called a City since it is meant for off-roading???) for anyone looking for a brilliant off-roader (it has been over ploughed fields, rocky paths and bumpy hills and managed v well) which folds up small to fit in a boot and absolutely has to be the easiest buggy in the world to fold. Has a great big hood too, we were caught in bit of drizzle without the rain cover and dd just pulled her feet up a bit and didn't get at all wet. Only drawbacks are the basket underneath which isn't the easiest to get things into (although there is another pocket on the back) and the recline mechanism which is a strap that is impossible to do one-handed which would be handy.

naomi83 Mon 23-Mar-09 09:45:08

maybe post this in products? lots of buggy adicts there

jue1966 Mon 22-Jun-09 14:16:56


Just wanted to add that i was also in dilemma over the mb and bj and after road testing both i went with the baby jogger elite.

Both have a large weight capacity however the baby jogger i found suited my boy better as he is really tall ( he is nearly three) with special needs so needed something that was gonna last to accomodate his height. The seat on the jogger seemed larger and he has loads of room in plus when he falls asleep the retractable hood virtually covers the upper body making it like a little cave which he loves. The pram is really light to steer with him in it and the best of all is i can be holding him and fold the pram with one hand and throw it in the boot of the car without putting him down.

The biggest deciding point for me was that the position of the seat. Baby jobber virtually goes all the way up to upright whereas the mountain buggy was still fairly reclined and he kept pulling himself up which meant that he had no back support.

My best advice is if you can go to your nearest retailer and put your little one in both of them and give them a whirl round, thats how i ended up choosing. Plus, yes the mb does come with few extras but is nearly 130 pounds dearer.

I have to admit that i am an avid lover of mountain buggy but did end up picking the babyjogger.

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