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Aria twin+ woes - doesn't lie flat, yet supposed to be 'suitable from birth'

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shawad Wed 18-Feb-09 09:42:02

With #2 due at the end of April, the wife bought an Aria Twin+ last month in the M&P sale online, without really looking at it too well in a shop first.

I finally got around to opening it up and am really concerned as neither of the seats lie flat. Both only recline to about 45'.

M&P advertise this buggy as being 'suitable from birth' which is why DW bought it online. Both of the retaining straps have some white thread stitched through the strap about an inch or so from the end plastic. I thought about removing this, but don't think it would make much of a difference.

DW says she thinks the recline will be ok, and will probably be using the car seat more than putting DS2 into the seat anyway.

Should we take it back and get a proper lie flat pushchair? This seemed like the perfect option, as it takes a car seat (although that's going to be another purchase) and a slim toddler without costing £500+

Tangle Wed 18-Feb-09 09:53:18

I'd do some digging, to be honest - my understanding was that in order to be sold as "suitable from birth" the seat back had to lie sufficiently flat that there was a minimum angle between the seat and the back (and annoyingly I now can't remember what that angle is - but its much nearer 70 or 80 degrees than 45).

That said it depends on your priorities and how you think it will be used. We have at least a 15 minute drive each way to get anywhere interesting - so given the guidelines to not have a baby in a car seat for more than 1.5 hours I felt that relying on the car seat wasn't a good solution for us and went for something that would lie completely flat.

How old is your DC1? Do they still use the pushchair a lot? Would it be worth trying with a single pushchair and a good sling for a while and see how you get on? I used one of these a lot when DD was little, often in preference to the pushchair.

nuttygirl Wed 18-Feb-09 10:00:50

Don't know if this helps but I have the single aria and it definitely reclined more than 45 degrees. It was almost flat (but not absolutely flat iyswim)

shawad Wed 18-Feb-09 10:35:31

DS1 will be 16 months when #2 arrives. He's just started walking aided, so although he'll probably be toddling about soon, he won't be up for walking everywhere by the end of April.

Interesting about the aria single buggy reclining more. When I say 45' I meant from the vertical seat back position. I suppose the angle between the seat cushion and the back will be about 125' , but that's still 55' off being truly flat.

I had a look in Mothercare at the weekend, and most of their double pushchairs reclined a lot more than the Aria Twin+ seems to.

I think I'll get on the phone to M&P to see what they say.

naomi83 Thu 19-Feb-09 10:02:27

have heard terrible things about aria twin, nightmare to push, esp with one heavier baby or carryseat it in, not to mention the car seat, prima viaggio is truely crap (we used it ith DS1, never again!) I would go for a phil and ted, even second hand, or a nipper 360. the clipping in car car seat bit isn't that useful, and makes the buggy very heavy

shawad Thu 19-Feb-09 11:57:51

The car seat attaching is a defining factor for DW though. I have read on some reviews that seem to imply that you can use the Maxi-Cosi adapters with the doubles kit, even though P&T say you can't (or shouldn't) so I might offer that option to the other half and see what she says.

The thought of spending another £115 on the Primo Vaggio (which is way to vertical for my liking) and having a pushchair that doesn't lie flat when for another £80 or so I could get a P&T sport that does the job well is what's getting to me at the moment. DW doesn't seem to want to spend that much given we've got a quinny and all the trimmings that's only just over a year old, but needs must in my opinion.

twinmumdandc Thu 19-Feb-09 20:39:51

I had a twin aria for the first 6 months, and used it from birth for my twins. It definately reclined flat. I'd phone them and ask them to replace it... or pop into your nearest M&P store and get them to show you on their model. Don't get too stressed over it, they'll be sitting up in no time.

pollywollywoowah Fri 20-Feb-09 19:07:08

I have the Aria Twin+ and am not keen.

DS (23mths) could barely fit in the seat next to the car seat and looked really squashed so I only used it that way once.

The seat didn't lay totally flat but flat enough for me to be honest. DD was never in it very long though.

It felt very flimsy eg when tipping it up a kerb it felt like it would snap in half! And when the car seat was on it was even worse. I did find it hard to steer but I have never pushed another side-by-side twin before so just assumed they were all like that.

Also I found it was a pain to fold up but that might just be me.

On the plus side it is nice and light and DS liked having the bigger side to sit in when the car seat wasn't being used. Nice big basket too! And we have used the PV car seat for DS and now DD and love it. Bit heavy but other than that it's very user friendly.

Anyway I am selling my Aria as I got fed up and bought a P&T. I love it. DS loves it. DD loves it. Can't recommend it highly enough! Although they aren't cheap. Kiddicare do the best prices I think.

diddle Fri 20-Feb-09 21:11:55

I have the aria twin, used it wih my 1st son who was 15 months when new baby arrived, it lied flat enough for me to be happy with it, and to be honest the recline that it does do is better than baby being in the car seat. Tried the Phil and teds and didn't like it at all, sold it and bought the aria, large shopping basket comfy, DS1 liked having the tray on his chair. Tried a lot out, and this suited us best. Absolutely fine for our newborn.

Sheeta Fri 20-Feb-09 21:13:47

I have a M&P Ziko which is supposed to be suitable from birth - it does recline quite well but has a floating harness so isn't really suitable until LO could sit up..

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