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have you all got incredibly weak bladders? you are confounding me wth the piss 'n' baby question

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Tortington Tue 17-Feb-09 10:43:21

granted, t'will happen to any of us occasionally. and i think thats the word occasionally

but really, i can honestly say that i can't remember ever having the conundrum - to piss or not to piss with baby.

you should go before you go out!

Gateau Tue 17-Feb-09 10:47:57

Don't know why you're confused, custardo. A Perfectly normal question and one I have asked myself often.
Nearly every time I go to town, I have to use the loo - and yes, I use it before I leave the house, as well.
But I do go to the loo loads, prob more than most, because I drink lots of water grin

Tortington Tue 17-Feb-09 10:50:12

ican manage a full trip into town without using public facilities, i thought that was normal?

NorbertDentressangle Tue 17-Feb-09 10:52:57

I think some people are blessed (?) with a bladder the size of a small country, others have the bladder the size of a peanut.

Gateau Tue 17-Feb-09 10:53:37

Normal for you, maybe, but everyone's waterworks are different. Doesn't mean others aren't normal.

KatyMac Tue 17-Feb-09 10:54:51

& giving birth can cause a lot of short term urine problems - including urgency & frequency

Post DD I was going every 45 mins to an hour......I'm glad that is over

2pt4kids Tue 17-Feb-09 10:55:22

Do you only ever leave the house for short periods at a time then?

We quite often go out mid morning and are back home for tea about 5ish.
Walk into town, stop for lunch, stroll round shops, walk to park (just behind town), play, walk back home (half hour walk each way).

I definitely couldnt hold in my wee all day!

DanJARMouse Tue 17-Feb-09 10:55:51

If I am on my own I can usually manage to not use public loos, but if i have the toddlers with me I always get... i need a weeeeee, so i end up going while im there.

Lionstar Tue 17-Feb-09 10:56:58

Trying having a baby jumping on your bladder and then not going at least once an hour.

Tortington Tue 17-Feb-09 13:59:53

ok well if your pregnant ( presuming thats the bladder thing) then you don't need a disabled loo - whichis wht all the hoo haa is about

ditto toddlers.

am just saying that and average grown woman with a baby - should be able to hold her piss til she gets home -on an average shopping trip - negating the ' a disabled lady assaulted me for using the loo' type comments

i just think that on an average shopping trip the average person can hold their piss for a couple of hours.

Tortington Tue 17-Feb-09 14:01:58

ergo only a mum with toddlers and a baby should ( on an average trip) use the disabled loo

RealityIsMyOnlyValentine Tue 17-Feb-09 14:04:17

Message withdrawn

Pollyanna Tue 17-Feb-09 14:07:58

well if I go to town (with ds2) while dd3 is at nursery I leave the house at 8.30 and am back by about 12.30, I usually need to pee because I have 2 coffees before I leave the house, and usually one while I am out and they hit my bladder while I'm out.

I try and avoid it otherwise as I don't like public toilets particularly, but need the caffeine too much at the moment.

Gateau Tue 17-Feb-09 14:11:15

"the average person can hold their piss for a couple of hours".
That's not good for you! And whay should anyone do this? It's bloody uncomfortable for a start!
If suitable public facilities aren't available in towns, the woman wiht small children have no option but to use the disabled loo. Simple.

compo Tue 17-Feb-09 14:13:20

gateau -really, you can't not go for a wee in 2 hours? do you go hourly then?!

belgo Tue 17-Feb-09 14:14:38

pelvic floor exercises. Every day. All of us.

Gateau Tue 17-Feb-09 14:15:32

I didn't say that, compo.
I said if you need to go to the loo it's not good to hold it in.
ANd why should I! Adequate public facilities should be provded in towns.

compo Tue 17-Feb-09 14:16:29

you quoted Custy's couple of hours commet and underneath said 'that's not good for you'!

Gateau Tue 17-Feb-09 14:16:30

Blimey, it's my right to go to the loo if and when I need to or want to!
Can't believe this is even a discussion!

Tortington Tue 17-Feb-09 14:16:41

i think if i was going to the toilet every hour at work, they would assume i had the shits

Gateau Tue 17-Feb-09 14:17:57

I know I did. I thought she meant "hold it" as in not go to the loo if you needed to and wait until you get home.
Whay are you so intersted in my waterworks anyway? hmm

compo Tue 17-Feb-09 14:18:28

yes it is your right gateau! I am often very weak bladdered in the morning at work (too much coffee!) and I'm sure they wonder at work

Gateau Tue 17-Feb-09 14:18:53

Lol Custardo

compo Tue 17-Feb-09 14:19:17

sorry Gateau, I misread your post and thought you wouldn't hold on for more than 2 hours. are we okay now grin

Tortington Tue 17-Feb-09 14:20:14

no not hold it necessarily - althougj i dont see why not in average circumstances

but rather go to loo before you leave- its that simple

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