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Taking a 17mo to an evening party

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ManchesterMummy Sun 15-Feb-09 20:15:56


Could do with some advice. We have to go to a 40th birthday party (an inlaw) in a few weeks - dd will be very nearly 17mo. The party starts at 7. DD normally goes to bed around then, and after a full week at nursery she'll be absolutely shattered. She'll probably either be in a foul mood or totally manic. Either way, it probably won't be much fun for us or her. Or the other guests.

My MIL isn't being very understanding - we've said we'll come but only stay an hour.

Does this sound reasonable?


JodieO Sun 15-Feb-09 20:16:54

I wouldn't go at all so I think you are being more than reasonable to only stay on hour imo.

Twims Sun 15-Feb-09 20:18:34

Can you not get a babysitter - or put her to sleep upstairs if the party is at a house/home.

ManchesterMummy Sun 15-Feb-09 20:18:47

We'd rather not go, nothing to do with age of dd, more to do with the fact my dh;s family are odd... But it's one of those where we have to show up in some capacity, if you know what I mean!

ManchesterMummy Sun 15-Feb-09 20:19:31

Twims - can't get a babysitter that night, and the party's a football club!

Thankyouandgoodnight Sun 15-Feb-09 20:47:40

If you can't get a babysitter then don't go at all. Can you really not get one between now and then or is it more that you don't want to?

oxocube Sun 15-Feb-09 20:50:59

One of you go, other stay home with the baby (tell a white lie if you have to and say she is a bit poorly) Sounds like you wouldn't have much fun anyway

BlueberryPancake Sun 15-Feb-09 21:05:29

If it was a party where you would want to go, and people were relaxed about it, I'd take the baby in her PJs and ready for bed, let her run around a bit, and then wrap her up and go for a short walk in a buggy (that goes flat) so that she'd fall asleep. I'd find a quiet and safe place where to put the buggy and keep an eye on her - we have a chargeable baby monitor which is great for occasions like these. We have done that a few times, even with both my children, and you have to be prepared for the unexpected but if everyone is relaxed about it it's absolutely fine. Done it at a wedding too. But if it makes you stressed out, and you don't really want to go, then I'd say that she is a bit poorly and one of you has to stay at home. I have also used that excuse a few times...

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