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Bristol mums can you give me the low down on @ Bristol

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MilaMae Fri 13-Feb-09 09:59:25

Was a student in Bristol but that was before @ Bristol was built blush. Dc are 5,5 and 4.


Cadelaide Fri 13-Feb-09 20:39:21

Mine loved it at that age. Good if you can go on a fine day as they love to play in the fountains outside (take a change of clothes, could leave them in the car as carpark is v. near).

Cafe is OK but not a great deal of choice. I reckon we used to spend about 4-5 hrs there, not including food/fountain time, so a good day out. smile

Divineintervention Fri 13-Feb-09 20:41:27

Expensive and not enough to do for the price, certainly not for the ages of your children. Some of the exhibits are broken and/or pointless, that said if it were £5 it would be a couple of hours well spent.

LowSlungAndOverhung Fri 13-Feb-09 20:41:46

Mine loved it and have asked to go again this half-term.

LowSlungAndOverhung Fri 13-Feb-09 20:42:42

Oh bum. Where else is good Divine?

cerys Fri 13-Feb-09 20:43:27

We went last year when DCs were 8, 6 and 3.9. All 3 loved it- plenty to keep them all occupied and engaged. In fact we went early, spent the morning, went out after lunch for hour or so and then went back in. They still talk about it now!

BoysAreLikeDogs Fri 13-Feb-09 20:46:07

yy went there in Nov last year

Sooper dooper place.

Yours may be too little for the planetarium - the show lasts for perhaps 20 mins, a long time to sit in the dark and be talked at ( vv interesting though)

Take sandwiches and drinks, it gets v hot upstairs, and the cafe is jolly expensive.

The staff don't mind people with small children having wee pit stops - and there are choc vending machines there so it's not like they don't encourage munching.

V highly recommended.

Enjoy, and report back ??

BoysAreLikeDogs Fri 13-Feb-09 20:54:16

St Werburghs City farm and cafe a good alternative

Divineintervention Fri 13-Feb-09 21:30:20

I went when it reopened and thought that it was a little tatty, I took each child ds1 (6) and ds2 (5) and..... actually perhaps it was me pg that was bored, and was truly pissed off that a few things weren't working. Mine love the Museum at the top of Park st, which is free.

Rachmumoftwo Fri 13-Feb-09 21:45:15

Mine love it, but the museum is doing free puppet shows and crafts as part of their Chinese exhibit half term, so I will be going there and saving my pennies

LowSlungAndOverhung Fri 13-Feb-09 22:12:07

Oh, we were in the museum at the top of Park Street just before christmas and thought it was just lovely. The children loved it.

Now, I think that if I crossed the road outside that museum, there is a park/green area with something else to see? Something hill? (Can you tell I'm not from Bristol grin) Is that worth a visit. I'm just looking to fill an hour or so.

MilaMae Fri 13-Feb-09 22:21:37

Are woods and Boston Tea Party still on Park Street-getting misty eyed now!!!!!

While you're all here where is good to eat in Bristol with young dc?

MilaMae Fri 13-Feb-09 22:22:43

Did that museum at the top of Park Street have old toys in?Think I went on a school trip there.

ScotsBird Fri 13-Feb-09 22:23:33

Hi Lowslung, I last went to @Bristol last Sept and it had not long reopened after a refurb. Some of the exhibits still weren't working but I reckon they would all be sorted by now. My kids are 5 and 2 and they had a great time - didn't understand the majority of it, but it's really interactive. It's pretty expensive, but I think it's worth it, and as someone above said, you don't have to eat in the cafe - If i recall we sat in the sensory room and had a wee snack!

The hill across from the museum at the top of Park street is Brandon Hill and it's lovely.

City farms (Windmillhill or St Werburghs)good, but a bit miserable in bad weather! Horseworld in Whitchurch is meant to be great but I am allergic to horses, so going there is my idea of torture! Also, Blaise Castle in the north or Avon Valley COuntry park out on the bath road.

Enjoy your weekend!

Divineintervention Sat 14-Feb-09 07:59:25

Avon Valley...yes, good.
Blaise Castle is good as the cafe is quite cheap for a drinkable cuppa, the park is very well equipped and they've really improved the walks... great access for wheelchairs too! blush to say we've never been to Brandon Hill!!

Runoutofideas Sat 14-Feb-09 08:31:13

If the weather is dismal Playspace or Jump softplay are pretty good. Or the zoo if the weather's OK. My two (4 and 18m) love it there, although it would be quite expensive with three children. Blaise castle is good, but would imagine pretty busy in half term. Regarding eating out - Zizzi's on the Triangle (top of Park St/bottom of Whiteladies) or in Clifton village are really good with children. My 4 yr old loves the new chinese buffet place on the Triangle.

eleanorsmum Sat 14-Feb-09 08:33:45

watching with interest for other ideas. we're meeting a friend in bristol next sunday and looking for something to do with the kids 4.5, 3.3 and 5 weeks! avon valley looks lovely but doesn't open till april!

Divineintervention Sat 14-Feb-09 08:49:33

Chinese buffet is very cheap, I also love Budokan (whiteladies road), any italian in Clifton (and the restaurantswink)and GBK.

Divineintervention Sat 14-Feb-09 08:50:24

I love Westonbirt too....
Brean sands for a lovely walk, winter or summer.

Boysboysboys Sat 14-Feb-09 20:32:48

and of course, the zoo is always a winner!

ChocolateStartFish Sat 14-Feb-09 20:35:06

once you have your ticket you can go in and out. there is an M&S nearby if you don't want to take a picnic.

Personally, I adored the planetarium and have even considered sneaking back on my own one day.

A very good day out IMO

varietyisthespiceoflife Tue 17-Feb-09 10:07:11

zoo is great, lovely beaches around too - Brean Sands, Burnham, Weston etc.
Lots of farms around too like Puxton Park, Noah's Ark Farm etc.
WestonBirt is lovely for a walk and Aston Court as well

Sophieg541 Mon 24-Oct-16 15:59:01

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Sophieg541 Mon 24-Oct-16 15:59:23

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bluechameleon Mon 24-Oct-16 21:55:36

The other branch of the zoo is fun too - is it called the wild place? Fabulous play areas (so good we had trouble persuading DS to look at any animals)

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