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newborn with very dry, spotty skin

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popsycal Sun 10-Apr-05 12:15:28

5 weeks old DS2 - his skin is very flaky and a little spotty. Am inclined to leave it alone and instinct says that putting creams etc on it may irritate.

Is there anything else I could do?

stitch Sun 10-Apr-05 12:41:09

massage with olive oil after bath.
my ds1 was very dryskinned when born. this was reccomended by midwife, and was lovley

MiriamR Sun 10-Apr-05 13:02:18

When ds2 was born, he had dry scaly skin (midwives & drs think he was overdue). Both E45 cream and olive oil was recommended. The E45 cream was brilliant. HTH

popsycal Sun 10-Apr-05 14:42:01

will try it this evening

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