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Cot to bed

(2 Posts)
mummytopebs Sun 08-Feb-09 01:07:43

My sister is having a second child in may but dd1 2.3 is still in the cot they want to use. She has tried to get dd to go into a bed but she wont entertain it. Any suggestions on how to change from cot to bed?

gigglewitch Sun 08-Feb-09 01:25:38

what worked for us (all three times) was make a big special fuss thing of the "big girls bed", make it exciting etc, and flatten the cot. Yes i know it's a faff. but the cot had to be "gone" in each of our changeovers, therefore not an option for lo to go back to.
The new due-to-arrive baby was never mentioned in relation to this either, but in each case we vanished and collapsed the cot with four or five months to go. we have 2.9 between ds1&2, and 2.2 beween dc2&3. DS1 would not have taken kindly to having a new occupant in 'his' cot; and we even re-arranged the room completely to avoid comparisons. as ds2 was an easy-going chap and was in a bed at 21mo, he was less bothered by the event and just loved being a big boy in a new bed, sharing with his big bro. Again, as no3 turned out to be a girl, the room and bedding transformed again.
good luck to all involved!

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