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Agressive one year old ds hitting/biting/scratching

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dropinthe Sat 09-Apr-05 09:59:12

poor three year old ds. He is as patient as he can be but every so often he will hit back-am having trouble explaining that little one is not actually being naughty("he doesnt like me Mummy")but that it is not ok to hit him back.Of course I say very firmly NO to the youngest but he is a persistent bugger and every so often the oldest will give him a really hard push or smack and I get angry with him.
How can I deal with this?

jofeb04 Sat 09-Apr-05 11:24:25

My ds is 13 months, and is already biting everything! He bites my, my dh, any part of our faces, arms, hands, even our feet when hes crawling, the sofa etc! He also hits very hard, and headbuts my when im holding him, he seems to want a hug, then bang!!
Im interested in seeing where this goes, as he will be about 20 months old when 2nd baby is born

dropinthe Sat 09-Apr-05 12:30:36

No where by the looks of it-everyone is too busy discussing art!!

serenity Sat 09-Apr-05 12:46:22

My DD is the same, but luckily my DSs are older so I don't have the worry so much of them retaliating (although they occasionally fend her off slightly too hard )
My DD is older (17 mths) and I'm trying to tone down the hitting and biting as I've had no luck actually stopping it so far (she's being affectionate rather than malicious I think) When she does it we say no, and remove her and say 'gentle' and show her how to do it gently. So, if she hits DS1 on the head we get her to stroke his hair etc. It is starting to work. If she does it, or looks like she's going to we just say it to her and (crossed fingers!) most of the time she starts stroking him instead.

She does still like to bite me, but doesn't actually bite down hard anymore and only seems to want to eat me anyway


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