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What games do you play with the kids in the woods?

(39 Posts)
dragonbutter Wed 04-Feb-09 23:48:25

We usually do a treasure hunt following twigs, stones placed in the shape of arrows to lead to the treasure.

I need more ideas.

My kids are 4 and 18m.


dragonbutter Wed 04-Feb-09 23:54:54

oh come on!

choosyfloosy Wed 04-Feb-09 23:55:04

Hide and seek. Endlessly. But 18 mo is quite tough.

Tree climbing.

Could you get one of those bug viewers?

dragonbutter Wed 04-Feb-09 23:57:25

oh a bug viewer might be good. we have one of those somewhere.

tbh the 18m old quite happily follows his brother, so if his brother is engaged in an activity he'll tag along.

dragonbutter Thu 05-Feb-09 00:11:52

hellooooooooo! is this not controvertial enough?

how about AIBU to not know what the hell to do with my kids once i get them to the woods, and they get a bit whiney if i want them to walk, help me distract them or i'll change their names to 2pac and dre.

dragonbutter Thu 05-Feb-09 00:12:20

contraversial? how the fuck do you spell that word?

Tinker Thu 05-Feb-09 00:14:27

We play Blair Witch Project.

dragonbutter Thu 05-Feb-09 00:15:40


hand painting on the walls of derelict buildings?

Tinker Thu 05-Feb-09 00:17:20

Howling from a distance and filming the terror with hand-held cameras. That sort of thing.

dragonbutter Thu 05-Feb-09 00:18:09

okey dokey!

any more wholesome ideas?

TheInvisibleManDidIt Thu 05-Feb-09 00:23:01

leaf/ nut/cone collecting

build dens

look for animals holes/ footprints

Tinker Thu 05-Feb-09 00:23:17

Reality is pooh sticks.

Tinker Thu 05-Feb-09 00:24:42

I used to pretend to see fairies with my youngest when out walking.

dragonbutter Thu 05-Feb-09 00:24:42

i've seen books on amazon about playing outdoors with kids but i can't think what on earth would be in it, and don't want to buy it either.

NormaJeanBaker Thu 05-Feb-09 00:28:48

Make monsters out of the trees - stick mud on and leaves etc to make faces. Tiny houses and playgrounds for fairies - or animals if not into the little people. Lying in leaves and getting completely covered then leaping out. Bark rubbings. --Spotting men texting other men for sex with a stranger.--

NormaJeanBaker Thu 05-Feb-09 00:29:21

Hmm. That strike out thing with hyphens didn't work did it?

dragonbutter Thu 05-Feb-09 00:30:35

maybe i'll bump this thread in the morning for the wholesome mumsnetters.
you late nighters are weirdo's grin

NormaJeanBaker Thu 05-Feb-09 00:30:45

Sit on a log and do different accents. See - I came over here to speak to you!

dragonbutter Thu 05-Feb-09 00:33:18

you have to strike out each word i think.
fairly labour intensive.

DS1 does like to practise his silly walks. That might be good.

NormaJeanBaker Thu 05-Feb-09 00:35:37

oh blimey - too much hard work with the hyphens then. Silly walks are excellent. And lying down looking up at the leaves and branches.

CJCregg Thu 05-Feb-09 00:39:59

Oh God, I am a bad mummy. We sit on a fallen tree trunk playing trains/aeroplanes/rockets for ten minutes, then I say 'come ON! Let's get a move on, Mummy wants a cup of tea ...'

My DD (3) keeps saying 'shall we head on, then?' Wonder where she got that from?

TheDevilWearsPrimark Thu 05-Feb-09 00:41:30

We rarely get out to woodland but when we do

Hide and seek but paired with adults as I'm terrified of losing one of them

Den building with any fallen branches, dead bracken etc.

Picture making with leaves , stones, branches etc. Our best was an enormous woman with a baby.

techpep Thu 05-Feb-09 00:48:41

We look for animals - we're talking lions, monkeys, alligators which ds loves but dd gets a bit concerned. Looking for fairy houses is great and then once found putting in nutshells, grass, twigs.

yawningmonster Thu 05-Feb-09 03:15:04

scavenger hunt. collect bits eg twig, different shaped leaves, conkers etc and mount onto card. children have to collect one of each thing on their cards to put into scavenger bag. once scavenger bag is full get prize eg small choccie.

stop and go. ds loves this where we shout stop every few minutes and everybody has to freeze and then he or we gets to say go again.

I spy (but maybe more so for the 4 year old)

dragonbutter Thu 05-Feb-09 09:07:48

bump for the more sensible daytime mumsnetters grin

ps. thanks for replies so far, actually very helpful. well mostly.

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