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What do you do when you and your DP have completely different ideas about discipline???

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Ab31 Sun 01-Feb-09 21:45:31

DD a pretty well behaved 2yr old. BUT when those 'terrible' moments arise...
Me; too soft (so he says).
Him; way too strict with punishments that don't fit the crime in my opinion.
Ends in me not being able to bite my tongue any longer and sticking up for dd and him getting cross with me for contradicting him.
Anybody else have this problem??

QueenFee Sun 01-Feb-09 22:12:45

Yup me grin no advice though as in the middle of it myself. Strangely I find I am stricter when DH is not around as if I am softer with DCs to compensate when he is around hmm

CherryChoc Mon 02-Feb-09 18:27:42

I have a feeling we will have this problem in a few years. Having discussed things with DP one thing we do agree on is that both parents should be consistent so I'm hoping we can make some kind of compromise - I can insist on things I feel strongly about, he can too, and we will hopefully make some sort of rules and agree to set punishments for them anyway.

Yes I have heard the saying "famous last words" grin

QueenFee Mon 02-Feb-09 22:11:27

we are both too stubborn to compromise grin I mean its all important to both of us. We just muddle along trying to see each others point of views and have the occasional disagreement over it. The kids seem none the worse for it at the mo. We are trying not to disagree in front of them though but that is definately easier said than done wink

piscesmoon Mon 02-Feb-09 22:28:10

You need to sit down and reach a compromise-it might not be too bad when they are little but it will cause problems as they get older.

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