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Omfg left dh in charge of the kids while making dinner and....

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mumof2andabit Sun 01-Feb-09 17:40:30

He starts shouting for me as dd (10mo) has literally right next to him been eating poo out of ds's potty. A poo that dh didn't realize he had done despite the potty being next to the sofa he was sat on playing ps3.

How worried should I be?

mumof2andabit Sun 01-Feb-09 17:41:24

Just wanted to add an apology to anyone about to eat dinner.

hedgepig Sun 01-Feb-09 17:46:26

he was obviously concentrating on his PS3 hmm did he not smell it?
He obviously need more practice at looking after his DCs

Doodle2u Sun 01-Feb-09 17:46:36

Thanks but the apology just isn't cutting it.

<scrapes dinner in to bin> <boak>

Shitemum Sun 01-Feb-09 17:51:29

sounds normal to me

Rachmumoftwo Sun 01-Feb-09 18:00:40

Oh dear, I would be more than a little cross. Actually I would probably have shouted a lot and thrown the PS3 out of the window followed by DHs dinner. But that is just me, I have a bit of a temper. I am not recommending it as a course of action, however tempting. Oh, go on then.

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Sun 01-Feb-09 18:03:03

Er why was he shouting for you and not stopping dd and cleaning her up?

DD will be fine btw. I am sure many babies have eaten much worse. My mum drank her bro's pee when she was a toddler.

AuraofDora Sun 01-Feb-09 18:05:03

lol doodle & shitemum!
if it makes you feel any better i was down wind of a peeing dog in the park one lunchtime kinda put me right orf
yeh your title should have had a disclaimer of sorts
fwiw i would be grossed out and worried
it could really be nasty non? am not qualified nor have experienced
<ducks out with nasty vom feeling in belly>
ta muchly hmm

CherryChoc Sun 01-Feb-09 18:05:18

As long as DS isn't ill or had a polio vaccine recently she should be fine.

PlumBumMum Sun 01-Feb-09 18:06:51

DD might get and upset tummy lot of bacteria in poo that are not ingested, pee on the other hand is actually quite sterile

BreeVanDerCampLGJ Sun 01-Feb-09 18:11:16

God your husband sounds like a real bargain. Not.hmm

mumof2andabit Sun 01-Feb-09 18:12:56

Lol at all the good advice! Am more than a bit annoyed but have to admit the fact that dd spat out her toothpaste after eating....well you know did lighten the mood slightly.

Am eating dinner very late tonight.

lollipopmother Mon 02-Feb-09 00:06:18


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