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What sort of beakers do your 19mo dcs use?

(26 Posts)
MrsSeanBeanHasGivenUpIroning Fri 30-Jan-09 11:31:41

Any links and pictures appreciated. I think I am stuck in the dark ages. TIA.

wingandprayer Fri 30-Jan-09 11:34:07

anyway up cups which are brilliant because only two pieces to wash and drip free. Can't do link sorry as on iPhone

ExtraFancy Fri 30-Jan-09 11:34:24

Mine uses this one which is the first one we've ever tried that truly doesn't spill!

thisisyesterday Fri 30-Jan-09 11:34:33

tommee tippee first cups, the free flow ones.

thisisyesterday Fri 30-Jan-09 11:35:22

anyway up cups are not recommended as the force required to drink through the valve can cause the mouth to form in a funny shape (similar to prolonged dummy/thumb sucking)

dentists recommend a free flow cup.

MrsSeanBeanHasGivenUpIroning Fri 30-Jan-09 11:36:56

Link didn't work for me extrafaccy

Wingand prayer, is 'anyway up cup' the brand name?

Has anyone seen a cup with a sort of rubber seal all the way around, so that toddler can drink from anywhere around the rim? DH saw one somewhere but we don't know where you can get them. If anyone recognises it from my crappy description, that would be great!

ExtraFancy Fri 30-Jan-09 11:37:35

My DS never did master the art of valve cups...we use the free flow ones for milk at night time but I much prefer the straw ones for out and about/water during the day.

MrsSeanBeanHasGivenUpIroning Fri 30-Jan-09 11:38:02

Free flow cups get blackberry stains shaken everywhere.

ExtraFancy Fri 30-Jan-09 11:38:18

Sory, try this: 79)?cmmmc=Feed-_-Google%20Base-_-N%2FA--Tommee%20Tippee%20Easiflow%20Insulated%20Cup here]]

ExtraFancy Fri 30-Jan-09 11:38:37


MrsSeanBeanHasGivenUpIroning Fri 30-Jan-09 11:39:19

I have a cup with a sort of teat on, not like a bottle, but rubbery and flat, would that count as a straw? I think it wss for 12+ months, but ds still likes it. Is this OK? <worried about teeth and so on>

thisisyesterday Fri 30-Jan-09 11:40:12

you mean this one?

thisisyesterday Fri 30-Jan-09 11:41:12

we use these

yes, free flow ones do get shaken, but ds2's is removed when he starts.

i'd rather he was wet than had a misshapen jaw due to a valved cup.

plonker Fri 30-Jan-09 11:41:38

Dd is 18 months. She uses these when we are out and about.


thisisyesterday Fri 30-Jan-09 11:42:00

i mean, when he starts shaking it, not when he starts drinking lol grin

wingandprayer Fri 30-Jan-09 11:45:48

Have you got any links to info about valve beakers and mouth/teeth problems thisisyesterday... Would be interested to read more if that's the case.

thisisyesterday Fri 30-Jan-09 11:46:50

i will try and find it, I had it before on another cup thread, which i now can't find so will go googling again!

MrsSeanBeanHasGivenUpIroning Fri 30-Jan-09 11:49:22

This is yesterday - thanks, yes that must be the one I think (Amadeus 360)

But it says 9-12 mnths... ? Would it be OK to use it over that age do we think?

I am so confused about cups, valves, jaws, teeth.

ExtraFancy Fri 30-Jan-09 11:50:19

It'll be fine! That's just the miminum age recommendation The Tommee Tippee freeflow cups that most of us use are from 6m+

thisisyesterday Fri 30-Jan-09 11:51:41

mrsseanbean, tommee tippee do one as well, it isn't valved like the amadeua one it just has a kind of concave lid with a small hole that they drink through.
would need some supervision with it, but it might be better

MrsSeanBeanHasGivenUpIroning Fri 30-Jan-09 11:51:57

Is a free flow better for teeth then? What about the teat kind of thing on the beaker I am using? That doesn't have a valve as far as I can see... so would that be ok? I think it was some kind of trainer bottle to cup thing but can't find it on Boots website.

thisisyesterday Fri 30-Jan-09 12:07:14

argh i can't find the exact site i found last time that had loads of good info.
i found this on one dental site:

It will be appreciated that biting or prolonged sucking on a spout can lead to tooth damage for the infant during the important teething stage, especially for infants up to 9 months of age. As the known systems allow liquid to flow only under pure suction, "grazing"is encouraged whereby the infant sucks continually, as can be the case with more standard feeding bottles. This can lead to the infant's teeth being bathed for long periods in the liquid in the cup, which will often be a sweet drink, and again can give rise to tooth damage.

Also it is recognised that dental health and ear, nose and throat problems could be caused by the extra suction required (over and above the level of suction needed to drink from a straw or a free flow training spout) to open a conventional non-spill valve. Furthermore this extra suction can be tiring and off putting for the child.

thisisyesterday Fri 30-Jan-09 12:13:41

actually, this has some useful stuff on it.

it appears to be some kind of forum for health professionals, connected to a specific field to answer particular questions. this one is about sippy cups and whether they affect teeth. worth a read

wingandprayer Fri 30-Jan-09 13:01:02

thanks very much very helpful. Have a scanned it quickly and seems to say that no scientific data exists to prove spouts do cause problems but the logistics of drinking from one may in theory cause or exacerbate speech problems. Will go back and read in more detail though as could have missed point totally!!!

Seona1973 Fri 30-Jan-09 14:15:33

ds uses a sports cup, a cup with an integrated straw (tesco's own make - it is freeflowing but there is a lid that comes over to cover the straw for travel) and a tommee tippee super sipper cup - it is like the first cup but is larger and has no handles (it is freeflowing too). I got the super sipper cup in Morrisons but have seen it in other supermarkets too as well as Boots.

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