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I would like to move ds2 into the same room as ds1 but he doesn't sleep through the night - anyone else experience this?

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ilovespinach Thu 29-Jan-09 10:03:14

We live in a small 2 bedroom flat. DS1 (2.9) has his own room and ds2 (1) is in with us. I would like to move ds2 in with ds1 now - dh and I need our room back to ourselves and I think it would be really nice for the kids to share. DS1's room is small but with some tidying up and moving out of furniture, we could just about make room for a cot.

The problem is that ds2 doesn't sleep through the night yet - he normally wakes once. I find that if I get to him quickly, I can normally give him some milk and then he settles back down quickly. If I don't get there in time then he can be up for a while.

I just wondered what other people do in this situation. Would you just move them in together now and hope that the younger child won't disrupt the elder one too much or would you wait until they were sleeping through?

Unfortunately, moving to get another bedroom isn't an option.

mersmam Thu 29-Jan-09 10:05:57

I think it will be fine for them to share. All three of our DCs share a room (aged 1,3 and 4) and we've found if one wakes up they seldom disturb the others - the children just seem to be able to blank out the noise and sleep through it even when we hear it in the next room!
They have a great time sharing and I wouldn't want to split them up even if we had more space!

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