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Other mum commenting repeatedly about ds2s behaviour

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albosmum Tue 05-Apr-05 21:00:05

My dh takes ds2 (12 months) to sing and sign on a sat am and he really enjoys it except for one of the other mums. When DS was 9 months old he bit this other mums daughter on the face and did leave a mark - DH was very apologetic to her, said no to ds and has kept a really close eye on ds ever since. However every week she makes a comment and last week she said "stay away from him he bites" - my DH feels awful and is thinking of giving up the class. - he does not want to say anything

This week I am going to sing and sign instead of him - I want to say something like this happened 3 months ago - get over it - my dh apologised, ds was only 9 months old!

Should I
a)say something
b)say nothing
c)give her the evil eye and paddington hard stares

misdee Tue 05-Apr-05 21:01:26

if she says anything, then say something back!

snafu Tue 05-Apr-05 21:05:25

I would say something. Sounds like she needs to get herself a life. No-one likes their child being hurt, but these things happen and she's had her apology and it hasn't happened again. Silly mare.

If she says something, politely reply that her comments are unnecessary and you would appreciate her letting the matter lie now, after three months! Or tell her to f&ck off.

debs26 Tue 05-Apr-05 21:07:05

tell her that ds has an excuse - he is 1 and does not know that biting hurts or that he upset her dd. what is her excuse for this constant rudeness? she is surely old enought to know she is upsetting you and your dh. definately option a

lockets Tue 05-Apr-05 21:09:11

Message withdrawn

TheVillageIdiot Tue 05-Apr-05 21:11:11

I would want to say something but I don't know if I'd have the guts in RL I'm a wimp

Posey Tue 05-Apr-05 21:16:11

I'd definitely say something too. Don't retaliate or shout, just calmly state what debs said.

In the past I would've ignored it but felt very upset and possibly stopped going to a group. Not any more. Dd was being slagged off at school by a mother who's darling little angel told her a pack of lies about dd. Turned out to be due to jealousy but I confronted the other mother, very calmly but firmly, having rehearsed what I wanted to say as I knew she would try and sidetrack me. Felt much better afterwards, the bitchiness stopped and I felt I had regained control of the situation.

Caligula Tue 05-Apr-05 21:26:56

I think you have to say something.

Otherwise it will drive you and your DH mad.

What a very silly woman. Has nothing else happened in her life in the last 3 months?

Jimjams Tue 05-Apr-05 21:35:59

Do you think it's her idea of a joke ie she thinks she's being funny (although agree she's not).

WestCountryLass Tue 05-Apr-05 21:53:49

I would say something, I would confront her about what she said last week and give it to her straight. Of course she is going to be upset her child got bit but it sounds as though your DH followed the book, so she is labelling your DS for how long based on this one incident????

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