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the no-cry sleep solution

(6 Posts)
fatnhap Tue 05-Apr-05 19:03:50

by elizabeth pantley. anyone read and tried her methods? want to know cases of success or not?

Cristina7 Tue 05-Apr-05 19:30:42

I've read it and found it interesting. Haven't had a chance to put it in practice yet (DD only 5 weeks and sleeping beautifully).

OK, I'll be brave and say it makes many points that Gina Ford does in CLBB (which I also read but haven't put into practice), less the exact timing. The presentation style is very different too, you can see one is Scottish and the other American (with apologies for the gross generalisation). EP suggests a 6.30-7 pm bedtime, depending on age a certain number of naps of a certain duration etc. If you work it backwards yourself you'll find you get the same rough times that GF gives in her very prescriptive way in CLBB. EP also suggests going in to your child at night and not making conversation, keeping the lights out etc etc. The big difference is that she believes in no-cry (I haven't seen a reference to cry-it-out in GF's CLBB), the gentle approach over a longer period of time, responding and adapting yourself to your child (to be fair to her, GF has a bit of that too).

I've read both books recently and I think there are things to be learnt from both. I think the No-cry is worth buying (£10). Good luck.

TracyK Tue 05-Apr-05 19:50:53

I can send you the book if you want.
I read it and GF and Tracey Hogg's Baby Whisperer - took bits from all books.

fatnhap Tue 05-Apr-05 20:53:56

what bits from the baby whisperer? got it but gave up on reading it. gosh, too many books out there, too much info. none have a magical solution to resolving sleep problems do they???

TracyK Tue 05-Apr-05 21:03:28

I took the bits about the sleepy signals. I was alsways trying to get my ds to sleep at the times that GF said were the right times and they prob ween't. I waited till I knew ds was tired and then put him down to nap. I could then be strong and not just give in and let him back up to play cos I KNEW that he was due a sleep.
I just made sure he was tired, warm and a full tummy and it seemed to help a lot.

boobie Tue 05-Apr-05 21:31:39

I agree with TracyK babywhisperers advice is pretty sensible and I also use the sleep cues for my very touchy baby but I found GF far too restrictive but like her weaning book good guidance for first foods.

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