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phil&teds vs icandy pear?

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mumof2andabit Thu 22-Jan-09 12:35:27

I need a double as baby will born when dd is 14mo but it needs to be easyto push as will have to hold 3yo ds hand.

So what does the mn jury think?

helenhismadwife Thu 22-Jan-09 20:33:55

Phil and Teds are brilliant I had one for my two girls who were 14 months apart, very light and easy to push even when holding a toddlers hand, easy to fold not much bigger than a single folded, seats are a good size my 4 year old still fits in comfortably, back lays completely flat for a newborn and with the cocoon its like a carrycot, great for walking, not hugely long like most doubles or massively wide. Can be used as a single if you only have one child with you or when older child outgrows it

the only criticisms of it are the hood is a bit small and the basket is not great its hard to get into when you have pushchair in baby/toddler mode and toddlers feet are in it when you have toddler/toddler mode

I havent tried the pear so cant compare the two. My other favourite double is the Mountain buggy its fantastic and not very wide for a double but it is big folded and that is an issue when it comes to storage and getting it in a car

MogTheForgetfulCat Thu 22-Jan-09 21:30:24

I've got a Phil and Teds for my 2 boys, 2 years apart. It has been great, but I can't say that I found it very light and easy to push like helenhismadwife - but maybe that was because I had 2 big lumps of boys in rather than dainty (and younger) DDs?

Otherwise fab, though - carrycot/cocoon thing is good, nice tyres so a smooth ride etc.

No idea about icandy pear, sorry!

CarGirl Thu 22-Jan-09 21:33:16

I'ver heard poor reviews of the icandy pear, that the seats etc are very small and there isn't much room between them type of thing. I would expect the P&T to be much easier to push one handed tbh

PinkFurryStripeyTiger Thu 22-Jan-09 21:37:06

I have P&T and it has been fab. I think the icandy is much heavier- it felt heavier when I tried it, even without children in it.

It is sometimes a bit tricky to steer with one hand on uneven ground- though I think this is because DH has set the handler bar to the high position <<grr>> (I have an old V2, not the sport)- but you can do it, which I suspect you can't with most doubles. I get my 3 yr ols to hold the handle strap thingy sometimes.

yummybunnymummy Thu 22-Jan-09 22:22:49

i have loved mt P&T, which was one of the first ones over here and its only been improved upon with each model. It has been fab.

zipzap Thu 22-Jan-09 22:32:39

I've got a p&t sport for boys 3 yrs apart and I love it. Boys seem to love it too, and if you need to the 3 yr old will fit in it too, some of the doubles we looked at my ds1 wouldn't have fitted into and he is small for his age.

we also looked at the more recent p&t (can#t remember name, sorry) but the sales person put us off it despite it costing a chunk more (and I guess therefore more profit for them). didn't seem that much lighter and whilst it would be handy to have a brake that you didn't have to klunk around with your foot, it was stuck bang in the middle of the handlebar which is exactly where you want to be holding on to the handle bar if steering with one hand... which from past experience of previous pushchair when just had ds1 I knew was something I did end up doing and was one of the reasons I was avoiding anything that had two separate handles as opposed to one that went all the way around IYSWIM.

good luck!

ingridwel Fri 04-Sep-09 12:52:51


I knon this thread is a bit old, but I have the iCandy pear, and I LOVE IT!!!!!
I tried the P&T but i felt like ds2 was just in the basket. Its only forward facing, and i just didnt like the idea of him being so small and me not being able to see him. the pear is big and a little heavy, but it feels so solid and safe for the boys, and they can both face me. i could use the car seat and the carrycot, and i can convert it back to a single when ds1 decides he wants to walk a bit further than 5 foot!!
But all in all i love it!!!!!! :@)

I. x

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