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Help Really bad wind Infacol vs Gripe water please help going a bit mental

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JezzaJ9 Sun 18-Jan-09 20:33:12

Hi I have a five week old baby with really bad wind he has been having infacol for the last 3 weeks but now he is old enough my MW/HV said to try Gripe water. He has had a particularly bad night last night and day today where he has only slept for 2.5 hours since 9am I am really worried as his milk spots are getting worse. So I stopped infacol and started using grip water already given to him twice, he has burped and pooed quite alot but does not seem to be calm for more than 5 minutes - any suggestions??? Advice???

Could it be something more especially as the milk spots seem to be getting worse and spreading to his back and chest. Am a first time mum.

PoloPlayingMummy Sun 18-Jan-09 20:58:27

I would speak to your doctor rather than your health visitor - He/she will be able to check and confirm what the problem is and advise what best to give him.

(I did not think you could give gripe water this early...)

Hope he is better soon

princessdaisyboo Sun 18-Jan-09 21:45:47

i would strongly reccomend coleif its about a tenner a bottle or your doctor can prescribe it but some dont but its worth every penny, it breaks down the lactose in the milk (works for breast or bottle) making it much easier for baby to digest.
We were having the exact same problem as you a few weeks ago and we tried this and its brilliant, ds crying reduced tons within 24 hours of using it. i also use gripe water in his evening bottles which help with wind but i think the main problem is just tummy ache as they fight to get rid of the lactose.
good luck

womblingfree Sun 18-Jan-09 22:26:10

My DD (now 4.4) had horrendous colic and I'd definitely recommend Colief. You can use it alongside both Gripe water and Infacol as they all work in different ways on different parts of the digestive system (check with your HV 1st but that's what mine recommended 4 yrs ago and DD was fine!)

If you're bottle feeding, try Dr Brown's bottles and organic formula. I switched to HIPP organic when DD was about 8 wks and the difference was amazing.

Best of luck.

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