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Need advice, baby has small lump on bum

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koolaroo Sat 17-Jan-09 16:11:37

I am really hoping that someone can give me some advice on this because I am a bit worried and as I cant see a doc till Monday I know I will get worse over weekend.
My 17 month old son had, what I first thought was a water blister right next to his anal passage. I put savalon on and assumed it was maybe where his nappy had rubbed overnight. He has gone to see his Dad today and I asked his dads mother if she would take a look and she said it is a small lump not a blister. The word lump puts the fear of God into me and I although it isnt bothering him at all I am worried.
Has anyone else had a child with this?? Any advice is welcome.

psychomum5 Sat 17-Jan-09 16:15:22

could be something as simple as molluscom contagiom (I will find a link).

highly contagious, but very common in little ones (all my five had them), and clear up once their body recognises and attacks them. they are part of the wart family.

psychomum5 Sat 17-Jan-09 16:18:12


koolaroo Sat 17-Jan-09 16:18:23

Oh thank you. I am a paranoid wreck at the best of times but I have no idea what this can be. He is totally unfazed by it, although cant understand why everyone is looking at his bum bless him.
Ill take him to doc on Monday if its no better but it will be great if you could find link for me. Thank you

koolaroo Sat 17-Jan-09 16:21:07

Just looked at link. Will inspect bum again whae he gets home. Where could he have got it from?? Got 2 other boys but there is no sign from them and have to admit it is in strange place to be able to get it. Thank you for replying i appreciate it.

psychomum5 Sat 17-Jan-09 16:27:33

I have absolutely no idea where they get them from DD1 got her first, and then they spread thru my other five, but where DD1 caught hers I say, no idea.

she first got hers when she was about 2 (actually maybe a little under as she was still in nappies), and the time it took for her body to recognise them it spread, and continued thru each of her siblings as they came along....DS2 catching his at 5mths!

I will say it may still not be what I have linked to, but there is no reason for you to panic......babys and children get so many rashes and spots that really are nothing more than irritating, so please don;t fret.

one thing.....does he go to nursery or creche......that is the obvious place to catch things from. they are rampant with bugs and viruses with kiddies very generous at sharingwink

dinny Sat 17-Jan-09 16:29:20

how big is it? it could be a perianal abscess... my ds had one and it does need medical attention

I say COULD be, obv hard without seeing it

has he seemed unwell and does it seem to hurt him?

koolaroo Sat 17-Jan-09 17:20:28

No he dosent go to nursery but his older brother does?? It is only a small lump and it dosent seem to bother him at all, even when I was putting Savalon on he wasnt bothered so it cant be painful.
Gonna look up abscess, could it be a boil?? Ill take him to Docs anyway on Monday and see what they think.
Thanks for replying x

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