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Reward charts really work?

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floppsy Fri 01-Apr-05 16:55:21

For anyone who is pulling their hair out with children who can't behave themselves try a reward chart.My dd's have been arguing & fighting for months & nothing i said or did worked,so i tryed the reward chart with sucsess.It hasn't all stopped but once their warned that there will be no reward unless they get all their stickers they do listen.Have been doing it for just over a week & so far so good hopefully it will stay this way if not i will have to try something else.Can anyone tell me which way the marble jar works,have read alot about it on MN?

doraexplorer Fri 01-Apr-05 20:37:16

I tried a sticker reward chart for boy i was minding with severe behaviour problems and it worked really well too!

The marble jar from what i understand is when they have been good etc instead of sticker on chart get a marble (have heard of it being done with dry pasta too)Then at the end of the period ie week they are counted up and either saved till they have more a bigger treat or can be used for a treat then.

handlemecarefully Fri 01-Apr-05 20:39:45

Mine worked for my 2.8 year old when I was trying to discourage her from the habit of creeping into our bed at night.

Ironically, after about 3 days I started a thread to moan about how my reward chart wasn't cutting the mustard, but then on day 4 she started responding to the incentives it offered and the problem was cured

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