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Need ideas to say "thank you" to someone who helped us

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tostaky Tue 13-Jan-09 15:41:42

There is one very good friend of mine who was very nice and kitted me out when I was pregnant with all the baby stuff i needed. He gave us everything he used with his little girl, the mose basket, the pram, the car seat, changing table, play mat etc etc...
We saved a lot of money thanks to him and the thing is we have money and they don't.

They are coming over next week-end and I would like to make them a really nice present to thank them. Any ideas? Their little girl is 3 now.

My bf suggested a Wii because the guy likes to play, but I want a present that his wife and little girl will enjoy (and his wife doesnt like the wii and the girl is too small).

If you have any ideas or examples of "thank you" you gave, Id be very grateful!!

CuppaTeaJanice Tue 13-Jan-09 15:44:44

What about a family ticket to an amusement park - Alton Towers, Chessington, Legoland etc.?

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Tue 13-Jan-09 15:45:13

Gift vouchers? Then they can decide what they would like.

2pt4kids Tue 13-Jan-09 15:46:11

A weekend at certerparcs or something like that?

2pt4kids Tue 13-Jan-09 15:50:01

or something that has LOTS of thought put into it, that would really mean a lot.
How about a gift hamper/box with something for each of them in it?
Some cute dresses/a couple of toys for the girl, a pamper voucher, some smellies, a clothes voucher, bottle of wine for the Mum, and a game, some beer, etc for the Dad.
Even a pizza express voucher so they can all go out? a cinema voucher and promise of babysitting so they can go alone?
Not all of those obviously (unless you are loaded! lol) but just some ideas!

PaulaatMummyKnowsBest Tue 13-Jan-09 19:11:16

a photo shoot?

"cheques" that you write "This cheque entitles the bearer to an evenings babysitting" etc

Thankyouandgoodnight Tue 13-Jan-09 19:48:57

I have done the same thing for a friend of mine - given her all our stuff including clothes, car seats etc BUT from my side it has been no hardship or gesture of generosity at all. It is a relief to see it all getting more use than it would have done otherwise plus the added benefit of getting it out of our house for a while!

I don't think you need to feel as indebted as you are and buying a large present may just cause embarassment and feel rather inappropriate. If you really want to give something, I personally would feel more comfortable with something equal to the following (and no these aren't ideas, just examples of 'value'!). Importantly it should be something that indicates careful thought rather than standard pressie idea I think:

Invite round for dinner specifically to say 'thanks' and to celebrate my brillness generally grin. No posh food though!

A homemade cake / biscuits / sweets

Present for the 3 year old (e.g. magnetic doll / books / garden pots and paints and seeds for them to paint and plant together etc) or money for her 'moneybox'.

Something linked to any hobbies they may have.

A little herb garden that you've made (e.g. 4 pots of fragrant herbs they can plant out or keep in their pots.

tostaky Thu 15-Jan-09 15:08:40

im thinking the amusement park tiket. it isz a good idea and i know they like that kind of stuff.

dashboardconfessionals Thu 15-Jan-09 15:37:14

Message withdrawn

missymoo2411 Thu 22-Jan-09 21:14:15

what about buying a star for them or a three year old tree the same age as there daughter that they can watch grow ,at least its somthing hey will always be able to look at and remember u ..

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