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What does an average 24 hour sleeping pattern look like for an 8 month old

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lixylix Tue 13-Jan-09 12:26:41

My ds is very good (at last)during the night - he goes down at approx 7.30pm and although he does wake at least once or twice everynight and I quickly settle him back to sleep - he does not wake/get up until 8.00am. But in the day I really struggle to get him to sleep and some days he does not sleep until well into the afternoon by which time he is very cranky.

dustbuster Tue 13-Jan-09 13:09:44

My DD (10 months) has always been very similar - waking a couple of times in the night and not napping much. I think some babies just sleep more during the day than others. It would be nice to have longer naps to get things done, but OTOH, a "lie in" until 8 is pretty good!

pudding25 Tue 13-Jan-09 13:13:30

If you can, take him out for a walk so he can have a nap and get some fresh air.Then you can avoid the crankiness. DD is 8mths. She has 30-40 min nap at 9.30am, 1hr 15 mins approx at 12.30pm and 20-30 mins at 4.30pm then sleeps most of the time 7-7.

naturalbaby Tue 13-Jan-09 13:14:37

am working on our 8 month's nap times with the help/advice of a health visitor. she advised a nap at 9:30-10 then one after lunch, then keep him going till bedtime.

he only sleeps for around 1/2 hour so there's no way he can go till bedtime without another sleep but is usually really late in the afternoon. her theory is to keep him awake and he'll start sleeping longer at lunch, well he slept for nearly an hour yesterday morning and not at all this morning, then crashed out and has just slept for an hour before lunch! i've resigned myself to 3 1/2hr naps early morning, lunch, mid-late afternoon if i'm really lucky.

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