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My Baby has hurt her arm

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kani Tue 13-Jan-09 06:22:30

Yesterday when my baby woke up i started stretching her legs and arms, when i touched her right arm she started crying. Then me and my husband discovered that she cant stretch her arm. What i suspect is she slept on it because she sucks her thumb of the same arm.
I took her to hospital the doctor said she will be fine just give her a few days before any drastic actions like getting an X-RAY. But am scared as now i think the pain is fading but she is kinda afraid to stretch it. Please advise! Should i massage her arm or what should i do? Cause she my just be afraid to stretch it.

LargeGlassofRed Tue 13-Jan-09 06:26:33

how old is she? I really would get it xrayed to be be on the safe side.

kani Tue 13-Jan-09 07:01:02

She is 6 months and 3 weeks. Am just too concerned that she is too young to be xrayed. But if she goes on like that for few days she will have to be xrayed. Cant i try to massage her?

Eddas Tue 13-Jan-09 07:18:31

my ds had a similar thing when he was about 16 weeks. DD(3 at the time) was trying to help and roll him back over (he started to roll over then so was always flipping! she'd seen us roll him back and decided to 'help') anyway he screamed in pain and I lifted him for a cuddle, but everytime I touched that arm he cried. So I took him to A&E. They agreed that he had a problem, and to go for an x-ray, before the x-ray another doctor came in to take a look as they don't like x-raying babies, and he sort of pulled it about a bit more vigorously but not too harshly IYSWIM, anyway he agreed there was a problem and we were sent for the x-ray. All this time ds had visably not been using the arm. Whilst waiting for the x-ray he seemed to be using it again which was odd.

Anyway we were called in for the x-ray and the man(can't remember what they're calledblush) said that there wasn't much point x-raying him as bones aren't formed properly, they soft or somthing, and joints not developed fully(ds' issue was his elbow). I said that he now seemed to be moving the arm freely, to which he agreed and sent us back to A&E without an x-ray.

Anyway, my point is that they think he dislocated his elbow and the doctor being a bit more forceful clicked it back into place. Now i'm not suggesting you do that! I just wanted to share my story, although i'm notsure it helps you at all. But ds was absolutely fine straight after it clicked back into place,was using the arm freely again.

If you are still worried, take her back to be seen. They will avoid an x-ray at all costs on a young child. Maybe suggest you think it dislocated and see what they suggest? It is scary though. Don't wait take her back to the doctor or even go to A&E

kani Tue 13-Jan-09 07:35:36

Thank you very much for sharing your story. I just cant stand seeing her in pain. I think i will monitor her today and tomorrow. if it goes on i will take her back to hospital.

Eddas Tue 13-Jan-09 07:40:31

don't wait. take her back today. She's in pain and you both want to know why. They won't think you're bad taking her back so soon, honestly. I waited an hour or so before taking ds in and they told me I shouldn't have waited and they'd rather see you and it be nothing than you wait around and not go in and then it is something! So please take her in today

kani Tue 13-Jan-09 08:26:22

Thanks. I will.

kimberley182 Tue 02-Aug-16 20:09:32

My little girl is 3 months old, I was bathing her as I always do in her baby bath. I sat her up to get her sponge that was behind her, as I did that she threw her self back my only option was holding her tight under her armpit or leaving her to hit her head and intake the water. So I grabed her under the armpit and she started screaming it took me 40 mins to get her to sleep after. I'm worried I have really hurt her???? And suggestions???? Thank you. :'(

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