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Do you get a present for a sibling too when giving the new baby a present?

(41 Posts)
ilikeyoursleeves Sun 11-Jan-09 18:45:55

Going to visit my mates new baby son tomorrow, she has a 2 year old girl too. Should I take a little gift for her too? Thanks.

ilove Sun 11-Jan-09 18:46:28


sweetkitty Sun 11-Jan-09 18:47:18

yes I do just a small token thing

a lot of people brought our DDs gifts when DD3 was born

dinkystinky Sun 11-Jan-09 18:47:19

Definitely a good idea to take a present for the 2 year old too.

norksinmywaistband Sun 11-Jan-09 18:47:29

Yes, just a little token to let her know she has not been replaced

meandjoe Sun 11-Jan-09 18:48:30

yep but doesn't have to be exoensive, just something for her to feel included!

orangehead Sun 11-Jan-09 18:48:34

Yes, agree just small token. Important she doesnt feel left out

Seuss Sun 11-Jan-09 19:30:45

Yes I would - think in some ways more important than the gift for the baby.

scifinerd Sun 11-Jan-09 19:33:36

As everyone said, def yes but it needn't be a big thing at all.

ThingOne Sun 11-Jan-09 19:36:56

Yes for a two year old. Something cheap and cheerful like a colouring book and crayons (washable as she may be drawing along for a bit ...) would be fine.

Umlellala Sun 11-Jan-09 19:45:11

NO, but let her open the baby's present

PandaG Sun 11-Jan-09 19:46:47

yes I usually get something like a comic or stickers and pens

blametheparents Sun 11-Jan-09 19:48:23

I would. Maybe a comic, or sticker book. Or maybe a small jigsaw (though a bit more expensive).

BigFurryStripeyTiger Sun 11-Jan-09 19:49:16

Definitely second the comic/colouring things, or a sticker book.

teafortwo Sun 11-Jan-09 19:55:18

No - because I don't give new babies presents unless they are the first - I only give the older one/ones a present to celebrate the new arrival!

JodieO Sun 11-Jan-09 19:56:59

Yes because it can lessen the jealousy that an older sibling may feel.

Umlellala Sun 11-Jan-09 21:46:37

See, a couple of people brought dd gifts too but she was happy as long as she was involved in the excitement 'ohhhh, what IS it?. We didnt buy her a gift as we thought her baby brother himself was a pretty cool gift grin. Something they could do together might be sweet.

Touch wood, we haven't really had any jealousy issues (dd now 2.9, ds 6mths). It's more about a general approach than buying gifts IMO.

AmIOdetteOrOdile Sun 11-Jan-09 21:51:15

Yes, something small, and also when you get there, make a fuss of the daughter first, and get her to show you her knew brother...

AmIOdetteOrOdile Sun 11-Jan-09 21:53:28

doh - new

LoveMyLapTop Sun 11-Jan-09 21:56:01

definnitley a little something
DS1 was 2.8 when Ds2 was born and i was really graateful to those who gave DS1 a little something even when it was only a packet of choccolate buttons!

harpomarx Sun 11-Jan-09 22:00:30

yes, but be careful....

when I was born my mum gave my older brother (he was 2) a Tonka toy truck to mollify him. According to my mum, he promptly used it to bash me around the head shock

luckily, I survived unscathed (I think... wink)

teafortwo Sun 11-Jan-09 22:08:09

Good point harpomarx!

threestars Sun 11-Jan-09 22:12:01

Yes, be careful again - dh got ds a transformer toy which meant he was continually asking me to change it from car to robot to car.
Not easy when holding a newborn!!

peachygirl Sun 11-Jan-09 22:14:05

I bought my friend a set of books from the book people ( they were hairy maclary ones) when she had her second son.

I saw it as a present for the whole family.

WilfSell Sun 11-Jan-09 22:14:13

Yes: always. And if it's a toddler, I always ask her/him about 'her/his' baby etc too.

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