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july 2004 babies

(21 Posts)
nathollyandmatthew Thu 31-Mar-05 13:31:10

hi ya all im natalie was wondering if theres any mums here who had babies born in july 2004
my son matthew was born 6th july 2004

hayleylou Thu 31-Mar-05 13:32:56

Hi, My daughter was born on the 15th

nathollyandmatthew Thu 31-Mar-05 13:37:49

hi hayley, how much did she weigh? matthew wwas 6lb 6oz but was 4 weeks early, hes now 17lb 8oz at nearly 9 months
can u belive our babies will be 1 in 3 months time, how scarey
did u have a good birth?

hayleylou Thu 31-Mar-05 13:43:14

Abi was 7lb 13oz and 3 days late. This is baby number 2 ds is 2yrs. Abi is now 17lb 11oz when she was weighed last week at her development check. The birth was very different to ds, very..... strange!! I had an epidural and i was in fits of laughter and the next last time I was checked her head was half way out!!! That was short version of events! ha ha

nathollyandmatthew Thu 31-Mar-05 13:54:33

hi ya yeh matthew is my second to, i also have holly whos 3 in june, her birth was horrid, she was 7lb 9.5oz and i suffereda 3rd degree ter with her, matthew was sooo easy i was induced at 36 weeks coz my waters broke at 32 weeks, he was 11 minutes of pushing, managed to dleiver his head with no midiwfes in the room, it was heaven, i felt so much more in control this time round to, probbaly coz i knew what to expect
what is abi doing developent wise
matthew was 2 teeth, crawls and just learnt to sit on his own,
did abi pass her check up ok, matthew went ok though hes weight gain been abit slow coz hes ill alot
where do u live? inm in essex
sorry sound abit nosey here lol
love nat

hayleylou Thu 31-Mar-05 14:02:53

I am quite an open person so I don't mind the questions... ha ha.
Abi is able to sit up and roll over and over and say ba ba, but she seems to have no interest in crawling which is fustrating for me as ds crawled at 7 months. I am in Germany at the moment as my dh is a MOD cilvilian, but I come from Wiltshire.

nathollyandmatthew Thu 31-Mar-05 14:11:19

oh cool how long u in germany for?, do u get to go to differnt areas then coz of what ur husband does or is he just based in germany?
my partner is an engineer so we only stay in one place lol
how old r u if ok to ask
ive just turned 23, im currently studying from home im doing a pre course as i want to study midiwfery im hoping to go to uni from nxt september im so excited
do u work?
love nat

hayleylou Thu 31-Mar-05 14:22:01

TBH I hate it here, I miss family and even more my friends, don't really know anyone here and I have tried etc. We are due to stay here for anotehr 18 months but we will see!!
I am 28 and I am a stay at home mum, which is OK but being with the kids 24/7 takes it's tool as I have no one near by for the odd break etc. You are more than welcome to keep in contact via e mail if you wish

nathollyandmatthew Thu 31-Mar-05 14:33:18

hi hayley
yeh must be hard being away from everyone cant say i could cope with that i know what u mean about being in 24/7 i find it hard thats y im studying thought god its hard with these 2 here lol, i dont drive so only get out with my partner, as we live in a village have to get the train into town which is hassle

well heres my email addy its
lol its abit long, i use that for messenger to if u have it
hope to talk to u soon
love nat

nathollyandmatthew Thu 31-Mar-05 15:35:07

thanks hayley for the talk earlier, hope to talk soon,
anymore july babies out there we cant be the only ones surely lol
love nat

WestCountryLass Thu 31-Mar-05 19:19:10

My DD was born on the 10th, she's my 2nd too (DS is 3.5).

nathollyandmatthew Thu 31-Mar-05 19:33:59

hi ya oh another july mummy
whats ur dd name? how much did she weigh etc, im just nosey lol
has she had her 8 month check up yet
love nat

WestCountryLass Thu 31-Mar-05 19:45:35

She's called Jemma, she weighed 8lb 12oz and she now weighs 23lb and 14oz She is a BIG girl

Yeah, she had her 8 month check last week and they suggested how I could encourage her to be more mobile (like I really want to be encouraging her!). And today she bum shuffled about a foot with no encouragement whatsoever!

Has your little one had his check yet?

nathollyandmatthew Thu 31-Mar-05 19:52:07

hi ya wow she is a big girl lol matthew is still tiny at 17lb 8oz well he was 18lb at his 8 month check up only gained 7oz in 6 weeeks coz hes ill alot, but last weeek when he was in hosp he dropped bk down to 17lb 8oz exactly what he was at 7 months
hes check up went fine minus the weight issue
but he was 6lb 6oz at birth and was early and coz hes ill im not surprised hes not gaining weight
we r curretnly trying him bk solids everytime it touches the bk of his throat he vomits,
how much milk does gemma drink?
matthew was on 36oz b4 he got ill now hes managing about 10-15oz
love nat

WestCountryLass Thu 31-Mar-05 20:00:03

Ahhh, bless him Why is he ill a lot? What was he in hospital for?

I'm not sure how much Jemma drinks exactly as she is still breastfed. She has only just taken to solids, she turned her nose up at my lovingly prepared purees so after trying loads of different things I then started giving her what we have and she will now eat most things (little minx).

Jemma had a sensitive gag reflex and would wretch if we put the spoon in her mouth so I give her mashed up foods on a breadstick and the pop small bits and bobs in her mouth (peas, sweetcorn and the like).

My DS was 6 weeks early (Jemma was only a week early), did your DS need to go to the NICU?

nathollyandmatthew Thu 31-Mar-05 20:36:08

hi ya
matthew suffers from asthma, elpilepsy and allergy to diary, he wont touch any lumpy or finger foods nver has,
he was last ill last week with the vomiting bug going round he was vomiting non stop for over 48 hours and was very dehydrated
matthew spent 10 days in the neo natal unit nd to be honest havent left hospitals etc since
how much did ur ds weigh at 6 weeks early? was he in nicu long?
having them in there is horrid having to go home without them, matthew didnt feel mine til we got him home
my email addy is below somehwere ur more than welcome to add me to messenger
love nat

WestCountryLass Thu 31-Mar-05 20:59:10

Jacob was in NICU for 3 weeks, he was 5lb 8oz but he needed CPAP for 3 days and then was drip/NG fed for the first 10 days, and then he did not regain his weight (was sent home at 4lb 80z).

I was lucky in so much as being my first I spent most of my time at the hospital so although i went home without him I only slept there kwim? I imagine it to be more difficult when you have another child to consider.

Jacob has not faired too badly, he has nystagmus (sight condition) thought to be from being prem and had glue ear wich put his speech behind but he is catching up now he's started pre-school.

So with Matthew, are his conditions from being prem?

nathollyandmatthew Thu 31-Mar-05 22:39:38

hi ya
matthew was tube fed and had drip plus needed iv anti b's incase he had infection, he was tube fed for about 8 days then was allwoed home once he strated taking all his feeds, he suffered reflux to which was horrid
they cant be sure about matthews main problmes being linked to him being early but the little things he gets all the colds and asthma there saying is more lielly coz hes immune system is low been told once hes 1 maybe 1.5 he should be getting better ashes body would of have built itself up from everything
aww jacob was still tiny when he came home, matthew dropped down to 6lb 1oz so didnt loose much
it was very hard having holly we was baout 30 mins from hosp so couldnt keep popping home etc as money for petrol and couldnt afford to eat out holly needed to have her bed etc
the first week was ok coz jon had the week off work, but he had to go bk after so only say matthew in the mornings from 9am til 12.30 it was horrid
sorry to hear about jacobs problmes bless him, does he like pre school
where do u live? and how old r u? im 23 and from essex
love nat

WestCountryLass Thu 31-Mar-05 22:53:29

I'm in Bristol and i'm cough31cough

Jacob loves his pre-school, it took him a while to settle in but it was softly softly catchy onkey and now he is begging to go even though its the holidays.

I hope Matthew settle down with his illnesses, my DD has had cold after cold (2nd child syndrome being exposed to everything) but not being prem she can shake these things off. Jacob got chicken pox when he was 1 and then he got tonsilitis followed by croup and they do seem more susceptible to lurgeys unforunately

nathollyandmatthew Fri 01-Apr-05 16:29:56

hi ya
hows u all today? matthew being a bit moanie. and jon been at home all monring hes now at work so jsut manging to catch up on everyhting
matthew gets over 1 bug then gets another, he had the sickness thing last week week b4 that he had high temp now hes asthma playing up grr is never ending
feel free ot talk on messenger if u have it
love nat

WestCountryLass Fri 01-Apr-05 22:15:24

We've been to softplay this morning and then over to SILs this afternoon so the kids were entertained nearly all day I hope Matthew shakes off any illness he's brewing, can you give him vitamin supplements at all?

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