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playing out

(9 Posts)
megandsoph Tue 29-Mar-05 09:34:59

ok my biggest fear about being a mummy would u belive it has always been whenthe day comes to let my children start playing out on their own. My oldest DD is only four so have a fair few years yet before even contiplating letting them out on their own. But does anyone else have this fear and mummys who children have already started playing out on their own how old do u think is the right age for this kind of independence??

colditzmum Tue 29-Mar-05 09:38:34

Oh god yes, I am petrified. I live in a rough area and we already get next door's kid asking if my ds can come out to play, and he is only 2! So god knows what sort of paddies he's going to throw when he is 4 and he wants to go and I won't let him! It is quite normal round here to see 3 and 4 year olds wandering arond in gangs, to be fair there isn't any traffic but still!

megandsoph Tue 29-Mar-05 09:47:45

colditzmum, I remember being allowed out on the frount with our next doors neighbouhs wee girl when I was around 3/4. But with all the crap that goes on in this days society I can't imagine letting them out till their at least 18 hahahaha ;) but seriously I have had the same in the past with neighbouhs kids asking if DD1 can play out and I tell them she's too young. I don't feel so bad as she goes with her sister to a childminders/slash nursery every day so she does get her friends time there but when it comes to them going to school lord knows what i'm gonna do.

milliways Tue 29-Mar-05 10:00:48

We used to live in a cul-de-sac, and there were loads of kids so we took it in turns to sit outside & watch them. Sometimes we had a few mums on chairs outside drinking coffee/wine together so was very social & kids not allowed past certain road humps so we could see them. Now we live on a more busy road so DS (9) confined to back (large) garden but we invite his friends in. DD is at the "I'm going to town with ny friends" age - that is scary!

serenity Tue 29-Mar-05 10:01:33

I'm terrified about this. I live in an OKish part of London, but you see crowds of kids hanging around on corners smoking etc and I really don't want my lot doing that. We've got a tiny flat, and it's hard enough now when they are small, I know that in a couple of years it's just going to be too confining for him

It's my biggest drive towards trying (somehow) to get out of here, so that the kids can have their own space without being forced out of the house.

I won't mind them going out if they have somewhere to go, I just don't want them roaming aimlessly. I was playing out at the same age as DS1 is now (7) and taking my Dsis with me (3!) but our estate was quite close knit and we were only at the playground 2 minutes from our block.

TracyK Tue 29-Mar-05 10:07:18

I'm scared of this too -but ds is only 1! I hope he will get into a sport of some sort so that his time is spent doing something ok. All my dhs family have been into basketball and golf and all the kids spend most of their free time practising.

megandsoph Tue 29-Mar-05 10:20:47

milliways the going out round town with mates is the BIG thing i'm worried about too. The area I live in isn't too bad either really, but only a few milesdown the road there are constantly cars being tourched and stuff and alot of murders have gone on around including the jessica and hollie thing too. God it's just scarey!!

milliways Tue 29-Mar-05 10:27:40

We started by taking them to town & meeting up with them later (after lunch) and taking them home - using the bus so they knew the stops. She had to know how to find the bus stop & how to get home safely before we would let them go alone. If they have been to the cinema we always pick them up. I am lucky as she IS sensible and never just 'hangs around' as cannot see the point. She is either doing homework or sport/music lessons. The town is her treat and she saves it - thinks those that go every weekend are just wasting money - long may it last!

magnolia1 Tue 29-Mar-05 13:46:31

Jade is 9 and I have just started letting her knock for friends who live within 2 roads of us. We live in a cul de sac and have a field behind so I do let her go wherever she wants within a 5 min radius!! She always has a mobile with her too so she can be reached or call me. To be fair she is almost 10 and is the youngest so her friends are all 10.
I have twins who are almost 6 and I let them play right outside on the path with their pushchairs because it's a cul de sac and we live far back from a road. BUT I look out the window almost the whole time and nearly always make jade go and play with them!!

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