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2nd baby and baby weight just stuck

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fatmoo Wed 31-Dec-08 11:48:51

hi, had 2nd baby and having lost half of pregnancy weight in first 2 weeks the other half just won't shift and my weight is just stuck, it's driving me nuts as i'm eating less! baby is almost 6 weeks.

please don't flame me for being vain as will admit i am as i am as i've always been petite and had a flat tummy (which now hangs! sad) someone please tell me that the weight will start shifting at some point, belly will go and i won't need to start doing spinning classes and join weight watchers in the spare time i do not have so i can get back into my jeans and look like the old me again!! hmm

LedodgyChristmasjumper Wed 31-Dec-08 11:51:36

Your baby is only 6 weeks old! Give it time, your body will have only just recovered (maybe) from giving birth. Eat sensibly and go for regular walks and you'll be fine.

sparklesandwine Wed 31-Dec-08 12:15:05

seriously don't beat yourself up about it

i've just had my 5th and exactly the same has happened, i went to 9st 4lb pretty much as soon as dd2 was born but can't shift any more yet and she is now 9 weeks. i'm usually about 8.7st

but i'm not bothered overly as i know it will go when i put my mind to it

are you bf your baby? because if you are you shouldn't cut down too drastically on the amount you eat but i'm sure you know that

plus you may find you body shape changes even when you manage to get back to your pre-pg weight so be aware of that too

i'm sure you look fabulous smile

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